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    Guardian games android, ios hack codes

    Congratulations, you've opened the game “save Olive”. You are selected to be the guardian of game! Here is monster island, I am cheat-on. I'll give you the guardian power, go and defeat enemies! This is the main cabin of spatio temporal whale. As long as you conquer the game, you can unlock more content. In the game world, if you want to challenge the game, a powerful team is needed. The characteristics of the team originate from their alliance, the alliance will defend the game world together.

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    Welcome game Guardian games! Resist harmful games, refuse piratical games. Pay attention to self protection, beware of being cheated. Play game properly, don't addicted to the game. Arrange time properly and enjoy a healthy life! Consume different energy to deal different damage. Deal physical damage to enemy target, increase defense for 3 seconds. Use energy skill to get SP value. Energy mod – increase skill damage for all friendly targets, each second restores energy. In this game world! As long as you get the golden bananas, you can start the wake-up program of partners, but these treasures are not easy to seek out. barracks - you can keep up to 50 heroes in here. Notice the level up button on the right? You can make your heroes stronger by using it. When a hero reaches maximum level, he can evolve. The + stats next to the hero's base stats are bonuses from equipped items or hero's tiers.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Guardian games android codes: pass main levels can get arena tickets. Touch to use character skills. Install 4 identical chips to a partner can activate suit skill. The leader have a 65% probability to gain energy! The name of final boss is Octopus. Training can enhance partner's level or get gold. Match a reasonable team will greatly enhance your combat force. Random partner will gain energy while attacking in battle. Each hero has a different class, which can be identified by their edges. As you can see, tier heroes have white edges.

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