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    Hacked Hero Collection RPG android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack summon hero - lLQgpx ;

    • Moa — bI3Uet ;

    • black feather — eR9OIA ;

    • pets — Sq3EI9 ;

    • rune — bXhl5n ;

    • rubies — dlm4QW ;

    • friend code — dm3xJ2 ;

    • tickets — 4Se8sy .

    Hero Collection RPG android, ios hack codes

    That day was no different than any other days. I came back from school to my house, which is empty, just like any other days. I turned on my gaming system, just like any other days. Yes, nothing was out of the ordinary, until then. The machine should have booted up, and the ordinary title screen should have popped up. But, unordinarily, something strange came on the screen. I should've turned the machine off before that happened...It was a beautiful anime-ish character She said: please help! And the game started.

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    Welcome game Hero Collection RPG! My name is cheat-on. I am the princess of Nemehr, where you and I are standing right now. I'm sorry I brought you here all of a sudden, but can you please help me? You came across the summoning portal, and I need you more than ever, if I inject a fraction of my mana into you, you can fight like a born warrior. Summoning portal – we bring people here, just like you, by using this machine. After each battle, we get a thing called the summoner's feather. We can summon heroes with those feathers. It takes a bit of time, though. The higher the tier of a feather, the longer it takes to summon a hero. You can save time by spending some Moa.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Hero Collection RPG android codes: The warriors basically attack automatically. Princess skills are round shaped and warrior skills are squared. Only the skill of the warriors consumes MP. The boss has cast the skill, warning! You can defend it with the skill of the princess. There are 10 stages in each region. The higher the stage level is, the stronger the monsters get. Stage bosses are way more stronger than normal monsters, of course. After a stage, you get an item, Moa, summoner's feather, whether you clear the stage. Higher tiers of summoner's feather are dropped on harder stages. Decks can be set separately for each world map. Deck buttons from 1 to 6 will read what you have set up in your hostel. You can also see the current status of HP by pressing the letter name part.

    Tips Hero Collection RPG: let me tell you how the battle works. The round buttons on the bottom left is called the party skill. It has minor effects such as being invincible for a brief moment. Use it well. The square buttons are hero skills. Don't spam the skills, or you will run out of MP. You should also keep in mind that using the attack button party skills and using a hero skill makes the skill deal 2x damage. Attack speed button makes your heroes' attack speed 2 times faster. GOD button makes your heroes be immune to all kinds of damage for 1 second. It all comes down to how well you manage your MP. You'll get used to it. Figure out your own combinations and tactics.

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