android Defenders of Suntoria
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    Defenders of Suntoria android, ios hack codes

    Suntoria – a center of peace, prosperity, and civilization. Then came the year of the red wave, the 201 year of tranquility and prosperity, when hordes of goblins entered the lands of Suntoria.
    Good day, commander! Let me get you up to speed. I'll be brief. This is your health, if you run out of health, you lose. You will lose health every time your enemies reach red point. Our enemies will come from portal. The arrows show the route the enemies take through the map. Top indicator shows how many enemy attacks we have to withstand in this mission. Well done! Now press the wave indicator and claim your first victory.

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    Welcome game Defenders of Suntoria! Coins – you will receive coins for destroying your enemies and spend them on placing traps. I almost forgot! Commander, meet the archer – the first hero in our team. He's ready to fight with the enemy anywhere on the map. Move the hero to a vantage point. You can help the archer by using a potion. Drag the potion to the hero. The king wants to reward you for your achievements! Here are your deserved coins (hack it!). Well done! But our scouts report enemy bombers approaching. Stop the first of them and i'll reward you personally Traps can damage heroes, be careful! Bombers will attack your heroes when all doors are open.!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Defenders of Suntoria android codes: you can open and close doors that you have repaired. You can open and close doors that you have repaired. Making progress in different game modes gives you additional stars for upgraded. You can equipped your hero and upgraded a trap! You can also buy magic potions in tavern. Don't forget to upgrade your heroes and traps. Gates – with their help, you can change your enemies' course. The gates will also help you to slow the enemy. Place the traps near them. The enemy is trying to destroy the gates. Don't forget to repair them in time!

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