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    Hacked Rival Kings android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
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    • gem crystal — bI3Uet ;

    • speed up — eR9OIA ;

    • unlimited stamina — Sq3EI9 ;

    • skill point — bXhl5n ;

    • increase leadership — dlm4QW ;

    • gold — dm3xJ2 ;

    • unlimited resources: wood, stone, iron - 4Se8sy .

    Rival Kings android, ios hack codes

    In this fantasy world, you can build your own castle, explore hidden treasures and meet mystery creatures. With the development of your castle, more and more heroes will follow you, defeat the enemy with their astonishing power and magic. You can also build strong alliance with other lords, conquer anyone who dare to challenge you, and finally rule the kingdom!

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    Welcome game Rival Kings! You're awake at last, milord. We find you near the battlefield, with this crystal, and the hero is still missing. Milord, no time for mourning now, the imperial army is still hunting us. While you were in come, we explored around and find an ancient deserted city. We should our own city of resistance. First of all, we should build the castle. You need lots of resources to develop your city! I have set up a number of city development quests for you, milord. Completing these quests will bring you generous rewards. Widespread arcane pollution gave them a second life, but couldn't not change the smell of death. Village hall – main building of your territory. Upgrade the building to unlock new buildings and building features. The gold mine - is where gold is produced and stored. Upgrade it to increase its income and gathering capacity.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Rival Kings android codes: quick access to the quests, you can start or complete quest by touch the button bollow. Haven – as the oldest human kingdom of the mainland, they were the backbone of the light. For thousands of years they stand firm, have mercy, fight against the dark forces tirelessly. Necropolis – the race of undead starts with a failed magic experiment. Altar of light – is where your heroes are summoned and soul are gathered. The barracks – is where infantry are trained. Upgrade the barracks to unlock new kind of creatures. You can recruit all the available creatures immediately by touching “recruit all” button. Touch the mobs to start your grand adventure!

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