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  • Cheats, hack Monster Castle: crystals, medals, blood stone, gold, wine, workers, unlimited resources, summon heroes. Hacked game Monster Castle bug codes android, ios. (New York, United state)

    Hacked Monster Castle android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
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    • medals — bI3Uet ;

    • blood stone — eR9OIA ;

    • summon heroes — Sq3EI9 ;

    • unlimited resources — bXhl5n ;

    • gold coins — dlm4QW ;

    • wine — dm3xJ2 ;

    • workers - 4Se8sy .

    Monster Castle android, ios hack codes

    We've finally eluded the pursuit of human, absolutely breathtaking! With a bit of fixing up, this castle can be our base to fend off human attack. I am cheat-on, the greatest human hero mankind has ever known. Where is my damsel in distress, my princess awaiting rescue? Where are the demons and dragons? Wait till I wipe you all out, III have had
    some glorious experiences. Perhaps you'll have even acquired some fine equipment. Why I quite fancy this castle myself! I hereby claim it as my property.

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    Welcome game Monster Castle! Those detestable MEN, there is no end to their greed. We should position our crossbow at and make he whole castle take up a defensive posture. The crossbow has been well-placed. Now, let him give his troops the attack order! Our scout has discovered a nearby castle that belongs to Hero Sam. I recommend we pursue the enemy. We can show them who has a stronger army. But first we must organize a corps of troops. Let's build a training room. Join the battle can earn you medals of honor. It is also an opportunity to plunder enemy resources. We will take the victory and loot the castle by destroy the palace. You are a great leader, well schooled and skilled. I believe you will reclaim the glory of bygone days!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Monster Castle android codes: Once we have built the training room, we can train an elite group of monsters and organize an army. Your Majesty, with your permission the first squad of monsters will now enter the training room to start the training. Each monster has different unit size requirements. When unit size is full. Monster training cannot continue. These spirited warriors are ready for dispatch upon your order. Fight against castles all over the world to earn gold, wine, bloodstone and medal. Tap on the SHINING GREEN SPOT to release your monsters. The stars you gain is based on the destroyed enemy buildings. And more stars, more medal. Destroy the Palace will get 3 stars at once. We can recruit heroes like at hero throne.

    Tips Monster Castle: the quest list - great rewards will be available to you after each group completed! Upgrade palace to level 3 to unlock daily quest. You are sure to recapture Monster Land from mankind and be the king of lords as long as you complete the quest step by step. The training room trains and prepares monsters for battle. Upgrading it unlocks new monsters. Several workers can work on several projects at once, or using crystal can speed up the building pace.

    how to enter hack cheats Monster Castle.

  • how and where enter
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