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    Hero Force Origins android, ios hack codes

    What an epic battle! We have protected a castle! We will build this kingdom and gather more forces to defeat the Chaos Dragon! First, we need a barrack to recruit more soldiers. The sky realm need your help! Honor and glory awaits! Hero's skills can turn the tide in the battle! Use them well. Each unit has its own skills. You can check these skills in unit info tab. Prepare for battle! You can find your heroes and units at the menu below! Upgrade character skill before entering the next battle.

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    Welcome game Hero Force Origins! Tap the field to place your units. Let us try to fast release all units and heroes by hold your finger on the screen. Enhance your heroes to enhance their attributes. Tap a hero's portrait or tap an area after tapping the hero to cast certain skills. Let us continue building our kingdom, upgrade the castle to unlock more buildings. To further increase our power we should look for more heroes. You will gain 3 star reward automatically after clearing the 3rd stage of a dungeon. You are ready to begin your journey, see you next time!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Hero Force Origins android codes: Mighty Roy of Crode two and epic purple gear help
    you conquer the world! Lean more from Fan page. Great lords, Battle Horns are sounding! Smash your enemies in your style to guard your sky kingdom! We spare no effort to present you a perfect game and best customer service! Quests – here you can find all the quests available to complete. Finishing quests will further increase your power! Dwarf – a trigger happy sharp shooter who never misses his marks. Piercing bullet – attack from musketeer comes with piercing effect.

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