• Cheats, hack PUCCA WARS: unlimited hearts, rare cards, revenge points, skill ticket, ruby, gold, enhance, treasure. Hacked game PUCCA WARS bug codes android, ios. (New York, United state)

    Hacked PUCCA WARS android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack gold - biDYwi;

    • treasure — lZqzyR ;

    • enhance — lqu3p6 ;

    • unlimited heart — EPzzZl ;

    • ruby — uyK7Bz ;

    • skill ticket — gaqaY2 ;

    • revenge points — SUr4zX ;

    • rare cards - HbU0QG .

    PUCCA WARS android, ios hack codes

    Welcome to Suga town, a place full of happiness. Here you can find matching, adventure, and unique cards. Obtain cards through matches and adventure and grow stronger. First, let's start with real experience. Tap the Match button. In Match, 5 become a team. Battle progresses automatically and defeat all enemies to win. When the Skill button is active tap it to use the card's unique skill. When using skills, the skill gauge fills as much as indicated on the skill. When the skill gauge is full the next skill will be enhanced.

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    Welcome game PUCCA WARS! As a reward for winning a match, you can earn chests and stars. Though small, you can still earn stars even if you lose. There are many different chests and you might obtain a rare chest if you are lucky. Use stars to open chests. Check what cards and rewards are in your chest. All cards are valuable. Use them wisely. In Adventure you can earn gold and Card Enhancement rewards. When you win the adventure you can move on to the next area. However, at the end of each area are powerful bosses so be careful. Cards have 1 active skill to use in battle. Skills can be enhanced using a specific Skill Ticket. A Card is used to summon and level up each character. Leveling up increases stats.

    Secrets cheat gameplay PUCCA WARS android codes: Too many enemies? Try using area effect skills. Stars can be earned after 2 wins in a row. Ranking points are reset regularly. You can obtain rare cards from the mysterious shop. There is always a boss at the last stage of an area. Prepare well before trying. You can trade revenge points for cards at the mysterious shop. Cards can become stronger by Skill Ticket,Card Level,and Equipment Level. You can enhance using reward items. Match for Card Level and Adventure for Skill Ticket and Equipment Level. Enhancing also requires gold. Ranking rewards are sent once a day. All cards have 3 equipment: accessory, weapon, and ring. Each equipment can be enhanced using a specific Equipment Ticket. The guild shop grows as the guild level increases.

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