Bloons Monkey City
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    Hacked Bloons Monkey City android, ios

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    Bloons Monkey City android, ios hack codes

    Welcome to our awesome new Monkey City. This land surrounding us is up for grabs but our scouts report that its infested with Bloons? Pop them and the land is ours. The Bloons attack plan is to come down this path to the exit. If they slip past our defenses, we lose a life. Our troops will automatically attack the Moons once the round starts. The Dart Monkey should get good coverage in that spot. We're out of funds for now so let's get this round started. You get funds for every Bloon you pop. You also get bonus funds at the end of each round.

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    Welcome game Bloons Monkey City!Round 1 is in the bag. 2 can claim this territory have enough funds for a Deploy one to the more rounds and we from the Bloons. We second Dart Monkey, target area now. Excellent, this land is now ours and we can build something here. First let's increase our City Cash by harvesting from our Banana Farm. City Cash is stored in our Monkey Banks ready for spending. Let's build another Dart Monkey Hall. This will increase our Dart Monkeys to 3. Building takes time but we can speed this up using Bfoonstones. Since this is our first building we can speed up for free. You can now upgrade your dart monkeys. Upgrades also cost funds, upgrade long range darts so your monkey can shoot further.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Bloons Monkey City android codes: Friends can visit each others cities and help rid them of Bloon spies! You will want to unlock upgrades for your Dart Monkeys. Let's check out the quest log to discover how to do this now. Monkey business - If my calculations are correct then I have discovered a means of increasing the sight and strength of our Dart Monkeys. For conclusive proof I'll require an Academy from which I can study them, on a building after it has finished to complete the construction. One of the most important parts of warfare is intimidation. Get those bloons quaking in their pumps before they even arrive on the battlefield and our troops will pick them off with ease. What's the the best way to put a scare on them? Explosions!

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