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  • Cheats, hack Minion & Magic: runes, leaf, seeds, enchant, mastery points, gold, immediately upgrade, unlimited energy. Hacked game Minion & Magic bug codes android, ios. (New York, United state)

    Hacked Minion & Magic android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack unlimited energy - biDYwi;

    • gold — lZqzyR ;

    • immediately upgrade — lqu3p6 ;

    • mastery points — EPzzZl ;

    • enchant — uyK7Bz ;

    • seeds — gaqaY2 ;

    • leaf — SUr4zX ;

    • runes - HbU0QG .

    Minion & Magic android, ios hack codes

    You finally woke up, I was getting worried. I'm cheat-on, the goddess who created you. Well, I have an order... I mean a request to make. Those filthy beasts are attacking my children. I want you to destroy them. You can only defeat them by destroying their lair. I will teach you everything you need to know. We need to summon a minion. Drag a minion to the battlefield to position it. The minion has been summoned, it will run straight to fight the beast. You can get more resources from the spring over there. I'll spare you some workers who can bring resources.

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    Welcome game Minion & Magic! Spring – that is where we get resource from. Up to five of workers can enter simultaneously. Summon more clones if you need more resources. When you have enough resources, summon more minions to defeat enemies. This is both your mission, and the reason why you were born. Those beast are destroying the last forest on Earth. Minions are the hey in combat. Resource buildings have many fascinating abilities. Tree blazer – a siege hero that is specialized in demolishing buildings. Do you see the upgrade button and the seed info? You need unique seeds to enchant character. There are many good masteries. Pick a good one which you think would greatly help you in battles. Don't forget to choose and upgrade your masteries every time you level up!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Minion & Magic android codes: morning bean – a ranged minion that shoots beans at enemies from a distance. It has balanced stats. Floater – the spearhead of all flying minions. They are especially effective against melee enemies, so use them wisely. Direfist – a typical melee minion that approaches and punches enemies within a short range. It has no specialties nor weakness. Mumu – a melee minion that prioritizes resource collection. It is not talented in warfare, but is specialized for resource collection. Green rune – adding this to a minion increases its health. You'd better use it on a melee minion. Drag a rune on a character to equip it. As expected, a low level rune is not that powerful. Let's just use it until you find a better one.

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