Space Commander
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    Hacked Space Commander android, ios

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    • diamonds — 2weezX ;

    • average energy - 1sfrQG .

    Space Commander android, ios hack codes

    Welcome back commander, this is our flagship, the Odin. I'm cheat-on, your assistant. My job is maintaining. Our military research facility has developed how to copy Zec genes and domesticate them. We got some Zec DNA samples from our last fight, so now we can clone it. Touch the flashing target to summon a new unit.
    Commander, Erica's team just returned with the transporter, we can retreat now. Use a medic, she will be able to heal the troops. Be careful of the corruptors! They have a long attack range and deal AOE damage. Fortunately, we have a matrix shield to protect us. Drag the matrix shield icon over your units.

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    Welcome game Space Commander! HQ has asked us to assist in the landing of our crystal prospecting them on Scylla. This may be a chance for us to test our Zec units in combat. Hold this position and secure the area, the crystal prospecting team always requires more space. Scavenger – seemingly small and weak, their simple genetic makeup allows these creatures to be mass produced on the battlefield. Each connector has a special ability that costs no energy, but has a cooldown time. Sniper – can deal massive damage to a single enemy at a long range. Supression fire – requests a battleship in orbit to provide rapid fire support on the target area. Mind blast bomb – fire a powerful radiation wave, dealing damage to enemy units in the target area and causing a confusion effect for a short time.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Space Commander android codes: when units or skills reach level 15, they will no longer be able to exceed the commander level. If you get an unit which you already have, it will be transferred to 10 fragments. When the target has higher level or evolution star, the hit rate of many skills will drop. Tap the mission button to collect the reward. The continue button can take you to the next mission stage quickly. Air units have quite advantage, since many units can not attack them. You can upgrade the new units or skills by experience items. Every once is a while, we can collect free supplies from the federation, and you may also pay to receive more. Assault cannon – is a versatile weapon, it moves lightly in its mobile floating mode, but becomes heavy like a sledgehammer in ballista mode.

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