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    Empire of Angels 4 android, ios hack codes

    Millennia ago the kingdom of Valkyria and otherworld defeated Bennavych the careerist in the realm war. The battle won was still praised upon by the later generations. Under the wise rule of Empress Vista. Once led Asgard onto a road pf peace and prosperity. However, the tides turned.. They weren't wise rulers and so the foundation of the kingdom weakened. The new Valkyrie Empress sought to sanction the rising Kingdom of Mentu to the east with military strength. The sanction incited huge resistance from the Kingdom of Mentu, and the Lord of Mentu declared independence, and appointed herself the Empress. The two kingdoms faced a serious confrontation throwing the whole Asgard into chaos. War was ended in a armistice after only a short year. Seemed to gradually reclaim its peace after the armistice, however, their war waged on underneath the table. A year ago, there was a sudden outbreak of a mysterious plague among the people. The infected would change into frenzied bloodthirsty monsters randomly attacking nearby villages and creatures. The world named the plague “Namtar Fever”. While the people struggled on in misery. A “ Namtar investigation team” was formed to handle this type of incidents.

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    Welcome game Empire of Angels 4! Damn! We're late..There are more and more civilians fell to the Namtar fever. It doesn't look good. The central Headquarters still knows very little regarding the source and method of transmission of Namtar fever...
    Select a character and click on the desired position (required participants are not movable). The blue grids on the terrain indicate the movement range in battle. Tap on any cell to move. If the grids are unclear, click system settings in the system menu to switch on or off the terrain grid lines. Your controlling character is displayed on the below on the left, and your team members are in the list on the bottom right. Click on different members to switch to that character.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Empire of Angels 4 android codes: You can click on game tutorials in the system menu at any time for all tutorials in case you miss out. Before the action, the role may move at will. After the action, the role enters waiting status automatically. After the moving, the action menu will pop up. You can choose from attack, recovery, and support skills here.Choose the target inside the attack range to fire the skill. After selecting attack, the yellow grids on the ground indicate your attack range, and red grids indicate accuracy range. You will automatically switch to the next member after the attack. After all members have executed an action, the round ends.

    Tips Empire of Angels 4: knight's defense – recover health on surrounding allies and fortify resistance on self. Unit functions have been unlocked. You can open unit menu from the button on the bottom right in the world map screen. Enter to see all the characters in the team. Click on the character portraits for details. Set leader allows you to make your favorite character the leader of the party. You can also use tab in the world map to switch directly. There are hidden events that can only be triggered by a certain leader, so fully explore the alternatives. Click on units to open the unit tech tree of the character. Upon reaching the required merit stars of the unit, you can spend them for class advancements.

    Hack cheats Empire of Angels 4 characters: unit class: switch between unit tech trees of different classes. Unit tech tree: displays the unit types that can be advanced to under the current tree. Squad rank: determines the rank of the unit type. There are 3 interchangeable general unit classes. Soldiers can switch to clerics, and clerics can switch to archers. Switching class is key in exploiting the weakness of the enemies in a stage. Also, after a successful class advancement from a sub class unit of the same class type, you cannot switch it to another sub class unit of the same type. You cannot switch to duelist after advancing to infantry. There are 4 star units in every class for every character. It doesn't matter how you choose to progress, you would still advance to a 4 star unit in the end.

    Secrets Empire of Angels 4: in order to advance to a 4 star unit, other than meeting the rank requirement, you must also complete a hidden quest. The quests are hidden around the world, so explore fully to find all the exclusive 4 star unit types. You can challenge the huntings ground anytime. It's a good place to grind. If you find a particular staging challenging, it's a good idea to level up in the hunting ground first.

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