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    Epic Cards Battle 2 android, ios hack codes

    Hey! You must be the new trainee. Welcome to the academy! I am your new instructor, cheat-on. Right, Mentor Chris is my brother. He has begun his adventure to remote places. So now will be the one to instruct you. Your purpose being here is to become a summoner, am I right? No problem, I will guide you step by step. Simply put, a summoner is someone who is familiar with the rules and cards' properties, knows how to build a good deck and keeps growing stronger in order to defeat opponents. The precondition to be a summoner is to possess a set of cards. Collecting different cards will give you more tactical options to beat the decks of other summoners.

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    Welcome game Epic Cards Battle 2! There are many ways to obtain cards. For example, to purchase in shop or complete campaign missions, daily quests and ladder. TO be familiar with every single property of a card is the essential skill to become a successful summoner.. Cards are divided into different factions. There are 6 of them: shine alliance, nature force, hell legion, fanstiya empire and dynasty rising and dragon descent. The faction is represented as an acon in the top right corner of the card. Shine alliance: formed of angles from heaven, human and dwarf forces. Believed in the power of Shrine, the human have built many great cities, prospect under the guard of angels. The brave human and dwarfs protect their homeland together.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Epic Cards Battle 2 android codes: leader battles match played with opponent of similar skill level, top ranked players will be rewarded at end of each season. Nature force: formed of elves, wild animals and other creatures from the forest. They advocate the mother earth, and show no mercy to the enemy who destroy the balance of nature. Hell legion: a legion of demons, undead and unholy monsters. Evil power exists when the cosmos began, they are bringing wars to every land. Fanstiya empire: a far away mysterious empire. It is said that there is a lot of kawaii girls in this faction. Dynasty rising: legendary ancient kingdom from the east with very different cultures from the west continent. Dragon descent: dragons were the dominators in ancient centuries, their ancestors have paid their price due to their excessive arrogance. Now they are back to claim their throne. Another basic property is rarity. Cards of higher rarity are more powerful in general, but are harder to obtain.

    Tips Epic Cards Battle 2: Rarity is distinguished by the card's border color. This one with silver borders is a silver card, although it's the most common rarity, it can be very effective if used wisely. Golden card – it usually has a bit of an advantage over silver cards. Since it's not too expensive and high in performance, golden cards are often used by many summoners. Diamond cards are valuable, the price is much higher than for silver cards. You will only realize its power after you try it, it can play an important role in the deck. Legend cards are very rare, possessing some legend cards will attract tremendous attention of other summoner. Although the rare cards do have some superiorities, every card in epic card battle is unique. They all have different abilities, different properties and mutual restrictions.

    Hack cheats code Epic Cards Battle 2: there is no definite strong or weak difference between cards because summoners battle with a set of cards, not just a single one. They result is depending on summoner's understanding about cards and how to use them. The card type is a very important property. There are 3 card types in total: creature, spell and trigger. Creature cards are the fundamental cards on the battlefield, you could battle without other types of cards but can't without creature cards. There is an icon in the top left corner of each card to represent its card type, creature card's icon is 2 crossed swords. On the bottom of each creature card are its exclusive properties, from left to right: attack power, defense, and maximum hit points. Attack power determines how much damage will be dealt to enemy creature cards, higher values deal more damage. Attack power varies from minimum to maximum in a random pattern. Defense helps to reduce the damage from incoming attacks, the higher the defense, the lesser the taken damage.

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