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    Surely You Quest android, ios hack codes

    Look closer! Your magisword's color type doesn't match the enemy's, so your attacks are not very effective. Switch to your other sword. Ah, did you see that? Attacking enemies charges up your magisword's special ability, and now it's almost full! Galactic punch – hits all enemies with a fearsome flying attack! We need a faster method of healing if we want to triumph. Bring in the Slugburgers! Don't forget to upgrade your swords often. Don't forget to switch to a magisword that matches your enemy's color type!

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    Welcome game Surely You Quest! You can find the progress for your achievements in the HQ. A town – where your hero can relax and restore their health. Always check Ralphio's shop to see if you can purchase a new weapon! Every magisword is different, try out all of them! Got stuck? Try leveling up a few times and upgrading your swords! Travel to different kingdoms to find different monsters! Use audio recognition during one of the episodes to get even more swords.

    Weapons: Blow driver – damages all your enemies by blowing them with hot air and flying hair. Sleeping dragon – puts the target to sleep, but be sure not to point it at yourself. Onion – makes the target cry so much that the tears soak their defenses. Tomato – so much tomato in the face of the target will confuse it. Chinsaw – deals big damage to the target. You should laugh maniacally for maximum effect. Magnet – attracts all the jemms of the target directly into your poun

    Secrets cheat gameplay Surely You Quest android codes: you can view your swords in detail in the HQ. Remember you can heal yourself when you go back to a town! Travel to different kingdoms to find different monsters! Tap the inventory icon in the top left to access our gear. Spend some jemms to increase the attack power of sword. Upgrading often will keep us prepared for tougher challenges. Watch a short video to upgrade one of your weapon for free. There are shops in town – were you can buy slugburgers to heal, or new magiswods.

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