Power of Elements
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    Power of Elements android, ios hack codes

    Since the dawn of time, the kingdom of Arkandor is parted by an epic battle between the forces of light and the unspeakable dark powers. In this bloody encounter, both sides use the age old magic of elements to gain ascendancy. I am cheat-on, queen of Arkandor and ruler of this plagued kingdom. I will guide you through the first steps of elements, brave warrior. You have just initiated your first attack. Now stop the three rolls by clicking on each of the sculls below. As my avatar stopped on the same line like the enemy's avatar, an attack was carried out. Try to hit enemy with one of my subordinates. Subordinates are always found in the second slot of a line.

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    Welcome game Power of Elements! It is not easy to be a queen. I have always tried to rule this land and it's inhabitants of various different kinds in a hard but fair way. Over the years many deep friendships, but also deeply rooted animosities have developed. Because of my position none of my enemies dares to take an open confrontation, but the number of insidious attacks has recently increased. Arrant assassins, sly poisoners, trained beasts and cold blooded spies, to name a few of those hired by my enemies. The reasons for these hostilities are obvious – once more it is all about power and prestige. Once more it is all about privileges and prosperity. Barely a month ago one of these heinous assaults almost cost my life. In the last moment and with all my fighting skills I was able to put the attacker to rout.
    Even through none of these assassins was experienced in the martial arts of the elements so far, they exceedingly pester me. It is time to set an example. I am not willing to give myself up to cruel fate. So I ask you for help and your assistance. I will need your best warriors of elements, maybe even yourselves to stand by my side once the enemy will step up pressure. We must not show weakness in times when Zordac is threatening our kingdom. I entrust my life to you. Stay by my side and let us together stand against our enemies.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Power of Elements android codes: Try to combine our forces and try to stop enemy and his subordinate in the same line. Once a fighter and a subordinate are in the same line with the enemy, both of them cause damage. If warrior and subordinate have the same element, they cause critical damage and wreak havoc. But remember that your fighters have to be in the same line with the enemy! Otherwise nothing will happen. Remember! You have only a certain number of rounds to defeat your enemy. The battle is won if your enemy runs out of life energy before your rounds are exhausted. Otherwise you have been defeated. That is all you need to know for now! Good luck, noble warrior.

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