Immortal Heroes
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    Immortal Heroes android, ios hack codes

    In a far away place, early in the morning....39 years ago, the oracle Fish predicted that the super Saly an God would appear. I heard of a powerful Salyan who lives on earth. Let's visit earth then!
    You wake up in unknown yet familiar place. A young girl is standing next to you. Good, you're finally up! You can help me find the Dragon balls! Tap journey to start! Win battle to get you cool loot! Let's find some heroes for our team. Tap call to recruit powerful dragon ball warriors. Different channels will deliver different grade heroes. All heroes have a grade: s, a, b or c.

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    Welcome game Immortal Heroes! Let's add this new hero to our team. Tap team to improve your team's strength. See empty slot? Level up to unlock more! Now add your newly recruited hero to your team. Tap the empty square and select the right hero. Tap to select hero. All lists in this game can be managed like this. Alright, new guy. Let's test your strength. Tap fight to enter battle. Make sure you always equip the best gear to have the best stats. Use a good weapon to increase your battle power. Upgrade gear to improve stats.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Immortal Heroes android codes: keep winning battles to get experience points and to level up your team. When the dragon balls light up, tap them for a surprise. Crystal ball – enchant 3 days in a row to get a mysterious item. Senzy Beans - recover energy 2 times per day, adds 20 energy per time. Meging skills will increase your team's battle power! You can receive arena points every 10 minutes. Raise your ranking by fighting others to get more points! You can swap your points for training potions. Training potions alter your heroes' stats. Synth heroes or heroes' souls to increase your stats. That's about all I can teach you. Now, let's find those dragon balls! Tap journey to go on adventure!

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