Vongola Battle
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    Hacked Vongola Battle android, ios

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    • gold chest — Hv3WyR ;

    • crystal gems — oppSp6 ;

    • box weapon — 81SaZl ;

    • Breakthrough stone — 65uiBz ;

    • elite draw — yd19Y2 ;

    • warsoul token — e9opzX ;

    • vigor - wpi4QG .

    Vongola Battle android, ios hack codes

    Tsuna came to the world in 10 years later after hit by the ten year Bazooka. Tsuna happened to see he himself was killed by Byakuran. He was so scared the killed had run away. Tsuna tracked the killer, but he got last in the street. Suddenly a strange picture showed up in his mind. Triniset – the device to maintain life. Byakuran wanted to created a new world with it. Vongola ring – the key of the final battle. Byakuran hunt Vongola familiar to hunt rings. Tsuna could not stand his friends getting hurt. For protecting everyone his dying will flame was ignited. Finally Tsuna met his destined enemy, Byakuran. The final battle is coming. Vongola's power is far from this. Some of the destroyed ring shards are scattered in Namimori from ten years earlier. Go back to ten years earlier and collect all the ring shards, so as to stop Byakuran from creating a new world...

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    Welcome game Vongola Battle! To collect ring shards, you were teleported to 10 years in the future by ten year Bazooka and arrived at Namimory. It is where the story began...We need more companions. Go visit the store street. Recruit strong guardians here. Recruit blue, purple, orange guardian, draw more times, the higher chance to have orange guardian. Breakthrough stone boosts power and unlock new battle talents for guardians. Breakthrough +1 – all stats are increased significantly, a new talent is also unlocked! Now, let's get our box weapons. Box weapon help us fight against enemies.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Vongola Battle android codes: when your character reach level 40, you may equip each guardian with a box weapon. The equipped box weapons will boost their power. It is had to collect ring shards. We have prepared a great cheat pack for you. It may grant a pair of purple guardians with join skills. Open the hack pack to welcome your new companion. Received purple guardian joint attack pack. Open the pack to get a random pair of purple guardians with joint attack destiny. You become stronger with them. When you reach level 9 and level 16. The position 3 and 4 will be unlocked respectively. You may invite more companions.

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