Heroes and Knights
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    Heroes and Knights android, ios hack codes

    Baal, Erebos's most vicious general, challenged the knights and led his armies deep into the heart of the world. When all seemed lost, a ray of hope appeared. The knights had summoned powerful, supernatural beings from the other world. Though these creatures looked warped and unnatural, they were just as strong as the knights. The knights made their final stand at the fort of infinity, where they were finally defeated Baal and Erebos. But victory came at the cost of countless lives. Hundreds of years have passed since the war. Now, let's teach you how to not die. Baby steps: tap the floor to move. Tap the enemy to automatically attack. Keys – out those keys to use and buy some heroes.

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    Welcome game Heroes and Knights! Valkyrie is the fiercest swords woman you've ever seen, with the guts and the skills to back her up in any situation. Sword of brilliance – enhances sword, increasing Valkyrie's attack speed and critical rate. Gangster – if looks could kill, Gangster wouldn't need his trusty bat. But they don't, and he wouldn't have it any other way. Berserker – increase critical hit rate of allies. Big shot – Gangster strikes down with a crushing blow dealing 120% of his attack damage. Cannon – is a heavy seaman. He has the longest range regular attack, so he can leisurely attack the enemy from the back of the pack. Heavy fire – shoots 3 consecutive cannonballs. Don't forget, you can invite your friends along too.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Heroes and Knights android codes: use the equipment enhancer to increase the upgrade success rate. Battle gear from the other world. Void set ignore the defense power. Ice Knight – is a lively warrior from the frozen polar region. In contrast to his cold appearance, he is always at the front line of battle. Frozen heart – 40% chance to slow down the enemy. Ice pillar – deals 20% attack and 100% spell damage in an area, and slows affected enemies. You can earn enough gold and rewards by clearing missions and achievements. If you press change formation, the heroes' will rotate their position. If you press auto attack, your heroes will automatically move and attack. You can upgrade units using gold. Skills are divided into active and passive skills.

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