Kings of the Realm
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    Weclome to the shores of Vinland! It was a long, arduous crossing, but we are finally here in the new world! We have survived the Devourer invasion, but there may be unknown dangers in these lands. Our followers have started building our camp and it seems we are not alone. Other Trinity vessels are landing and settlements are being built all around us. We must gather our strength and forge a new beginning. We've wasted no time in getting our men to gather value resources. They will be essential to expanding our growth. You will need to gather these regularly. The Timber is ready for collection now, so you should collect it.

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    Welcome game Kings of the Realm! Our builders have marked out plots for new buildings. Click on the foundations of a building and set them to work. Build the Monastic Gardens to Improve our Food Production. Monastic Gardens replace part of the land clearance area and are worked by Trinity monks, who grow root vegetables and herbs in them. Eventually, the Devourers will find us, even this far from home, we must be ready for them! We should start recruiting troops to build an almighty army. Heal Merek's injured Troops so that he is ready to fight another battle. Select Merek from the Commander Bar on the bottom of the screen. Open his Army screen by clicking/tapping on the star. Once you see the details of his Army, you will notice a Heal button beside a small cost on the right. Sire, there Is much to do, so I will leave you to lead your people. However, you may come to me at any time when you are looking for Quests that offer great rewards.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Kings of the Realm android codes: Design your Banner so that others will recognize you in the realm Click/Tap on your Banner In the top left of the screen and customize the colors and symbols to something you like. By logging in on an Android Device you have unlocked a new Commander. Collect your new Militia. These are the troops you recruited during the tutorial at the beginning of the game. Collect from the Queue on the right of the screen. There is a green notification beside the button to indicate that your troops are ready! The Produce Barrels plot is in the Food District to the East. Zoom in and pan around the city to see the building names on each available plot. The logging Site expands the area of Timber production around the woodsman's hut, with more of the forest cleared as a consequence and larger woodsmen crews.

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