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    The Escapists android, ios hack codes

    Considered widely as the most laid back prison in the world, with its luxury cells and home comforts aplenty. Why would anyone want to escape from here? It's not just the food served up in here that's cold. I'd make sure you have packed your thermals to keep the harsh conditions at bay! This medium security prison is a bad body indeed. You'll have to keep on your toes and be alert to figure out the perfect plan of escape.
    Tap pick up button to pick up your desk. Next, tap on the marked spot to align the reticule then tap “put down” to drop the desk. Walk up to the desk and tap climb. This will allow you to access the vent in your cell. Tap climb to enter the vent. Once in the vent, make your way to the marked cell by tapping a location to walk to or hold down to move your inmate in that direction.

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    Welcome game The Escapists! Use the Screwdriver, to open the vent and gain access to the cell below. With the Screwdriver equipped, tap 'Unscrew' to unscrew the vent. Tap on the inmate to walk over to him, then tap 'Profile' to see what he has to sell. I think you'll find the item you'll be needing is available, and you have the funds to buy it! Tap on the guard to walk over to him, then tap 'Attack' to fight him! Keep in mind that actions such as these will raise Guard Heat, Guard Heat is how much attention you have drawn to yourself through bad behaviour. Walk up to the guard, and tap 'Loot' to open the guard's inventory. Take the Guard Outfit from the guard. Drag the Inmate Outfit out of your Inventory, and release to drop it. Now, you can head past the guards outside the double doors. Follow the Green Arrow to head north, where your escape route awaits! Prison life is all about routines. By sticking to them you'll keep the guards off your back while you put together an escape plan.

    Secrets cheat gameplay The Escapists android codes: Tap on the shovel to walk over to it and automatically pick it up, or stand next to it and tap 'Pick Up' to pick it up. Tap the Shovel to equip it. Once equipped, tap on the target block of soil and tap 'Dig'. When you dig into an empty space you will dig upwards and break through to the world above. Walk up to the hole you have just dug and tap 'Climb' to emerge from the ground. That wasn't too tough now was it? All you have to do is walk on out. Freedom has never tasted so good! Your objective is to escape prison. There are different ways to escape - what works in one prison might not work in another! Look for flaws in security, and collect items that might help. Be patient, timing is crucial! You can use your cell desk to store items in. Be careful though; if guards decide to shakedown YOUR cell and find any illegal items in your desk, they'll be confiscated and you'll end up in Solitary!

    Tips The Escapists: Standing on desks and tables will enable you to see the ventilation system above you. With the right tools you can get up inside them! If your hearth reaches zero you'll be sent to the infirmary to recover. All ILLEGAL items will be taken from you. The game will perform a save whenever you see the save icon. Keep an eye out for these icons above your fellow inmates; ! = This inmate has a favour that they wish to ask of you. $ = This inmate rs selling items. You can loot other characters goods whilst they're knocked out by tapping 'Loot' to view items they are carrying that might be worth taking! In order to escape you will need to gather resources that you will require. But be careful where you store contraband, it will be removed if it is found!

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