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    Historia android, ios hack codes

    In combat, your troops will fight on their own by default, but you can also command your troops manually. Don't forget to command your troops when there's a powerful enemy, general! You'll obtain experience fruit if you salvage equipment of the magic grade or higher. The higher the enhance level,the more fruit you'll obtain. Knights wielding twin swords can attack enemies that are 2 spaces away. You can really get the enemies riled up if used wisely. A hero with low stats and high potential will completely transform if raised properly.

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    Welcome game Historia! Camp – there's isn't much you can do here now, but that will change as we continue to grow. The best we can do is take care of the heroes we have for now. It's good to check on the stats and equipment of your heroes here from time to time. Defense prep – takes a defensive stance after attacking the enemy. Increases evasion and counter rates. You must equip your heroes with the best equipment! It's the best way to get the most out of them...We can add to our troops as long as we have portraits. You should place new recruits into the formation as soon as you get them. That's how can use them in battle. If you match a 3 on the dice gauge, the chances of you getting a 3 increases greatly. The chances of you getting a 2 or 4 also increases slightly.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Historia android codes: you must avoid swimming in cold water once you grow old. You can move anywhere between 1 to 6 spaces. Adhust the gauge to increase the chance of getting the number you want. Remember that the chance will simply increase. It's not guaranteed. Select your strategy cards wisely! Strategy cards can be acquired during adventures. Knights that hold shields have particularly high defense. Owls are the symbol of wisdom. You'll obtain ample experience if you meet an owl on your adventure. We can strengthen our heroes by using portraits. I think the effect is slightly different for each portrait, but it looks like we get the best effect if we use a matching portrait of the troop member.

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