Ships of Battle Age of Pirates
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    Ships of Battle Age of Pirates android, ios hack codes

    Welcome aboard Captain! I'll show you around the ship. Drag a line from the ship to move on the map. A irate takes what he wants. Sail towards the cargo ship and let's plunder it. Let's make it clear who rules these waters! Let's show them what we're made of! Touch the screen to get a good look around the battlefield. Control your sails – more sails means – more speed. Turn the wheel to steer the ship. Rotate your camera to decide which cannons to fire, indicated by the marker on the water. Move closer to the floating cargo. Take a look at your current quests by entering the quest log above. We currently have a quest to deliver lumber to the settlement we're heading to.

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    Welcome game Ships of Battle Age of Pirates! Each building in town serves a specific purpose. All your ships can be founded here at the docks. The stats of each ship are displayed at the top. Enemy ships have information displayed above them when they are in focus on your screen. All enemies display their level and difficulty, as well as their cargo amount and a faction flag. This information is useful for completing some quests, and knowing when to engage an enemy. When an enemy is within your control zone, a countdown will star on the left side, and when finished, combat can start. Chain shot – it does little damage, but it stops the enemy from moving by destroying it's sails. When an ene,y is targeted you will see that a secondary bar is added above the health. The secondary sails bar indicates the current sail integrity which affects the enemy speed.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Ships of Battle Age of Pirates android codes: Store your goods in the warehouse to make sure that your ship can take on new looted cargo. Check out the headquarters for new available quests and daily missions. Rotate your camera had get the enemy within firing range! Each shop purchase removes all advertisements! The main quest can be accepted from the port. You can double your reward in the result screen by watching a video ad. If you are missing some resources for a quest, you can always use the market to find what you need. When all enemies have been destroyed, you can choose to leave the area at any time. You can customize your own unique ships with flags and sail designs in the Atelier! When coming back from a mission, you should always empty your cargo into your warehouse.

    Tips Ships of Battle Age of Pirates : warehouse – the left side is your storage and the right is your ship. Clicking on an item enables you to transfer it back and forth. Tavern – this is where we hire more crew. A ship with insufficient crew will work at reduced capacity. Similarly, an abundance of crew gives a bonus to the ship's power. First mates – help manage the ship. Selecting one gives a bonus to your ship's stats! Scroll down and you'll notice that some are locked. These will be unlocked when you upgrade the building or hack cheats. All the buildings in your settlement can be upgraded to a maximum of tier 5. Each tier will unlock new features or options. You can deliver any amount of required items by pressing the material icons.

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