Sword of Shadows
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    Hacked Sword of Shadows android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack gift bonuses - ionswi;

    • emperor's treasure — cavahR ;

    • ingots — wstab6 ;

    • unlock skills — 8othesl ;

    • level up — rrofiz ;

    • manuals — ehere2 ;

    • flight potion — oualiS ;

    • materials - aightG .

    Sword of Shadows android, ios hack codes

    Skyward step – a standard double jump. Use after jumping once to go higher. Aerial twist – use after the second jump to trigger a third jump and reach even greater heights. Blade of the sky – this flying skill involves many jumps and glides. It can be used manually or automatically. Each time you use it, it costs 1 flight potion. How to use: press and hold the flying skill button and wait for the icon to charge until it turns yellow. Press the icon to take fight. After entering fight, tap the flying skill button to jump.

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    Welcome game Sword of Shadows! Ming disciples are devoted to the eradication of evil. Good at both offense and defense. Wudang practitioners of Tai Chi, Wudang disciples are chivalrous and just. A balanced well rounded set. Tangmen – are skilled with hidden weapons. A high damage ranged set. Emei – disciples are elegant and fair, but also deadly. Emei's set features powerful assist skills. Lingxiao – place justice above all else. This set features high damage output. Camera mode – locked: vertical movement of camera is locked; free: allows players to freely adjust the angle of the camera; dynamic: camera tailored to one on one combat.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Sword of Shadows android codes: tap skill icon to use an overt skill, which uses energy but deals lots of damage. Tap to opne the pathfinding interface and set how to use your ultra flying skill. Pathfinding mode: flying:skill will be used all the time, regardless of distance; mount: only when you tap the flight potion button; smart: only if your destination is far away.

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