Fire of Warlord
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    Fire of Warlord android, ios hack codes

    Elton castle is main base of Terran alliance with 400 years in history. It's been witnessed all of troubles, struggles and honors, which is the first fortress in the war. Barrack is the first step for new recruits, where they've been transformed from a rookie to a real man. Also assassin are intensively trained here. Warriors, who passed new recruit training, would receive crueler and more professional training. Then they become qualified fighters in the army of empire. Tap maximum power to dispatch the current strongest troops to fight against enemy. Each battle costs one energy. You will receive many trophies once you defeat the enemy.

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    Welcome game Fire of Warlord! Automatically position system can help to regroup last. Put your heroes in positions. Attack is what's this about – keep every line more attack than your rivals. Improving the quality of hero makes an easy win. The best way to win is familiar with balance of attack and defense. Assassins are strong of attacks, but weak in defense: sometimes surprising unit. In order to give a more powerful fighting back, we need more resources to recruit more powerful troops. Kingdom castle is lifeblood of our base, the level of castle determines the level of all other constructions. Enter your castle to check your current state.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Fire of Warlord android codes: employ – tap to recruit your new heroes. Talent – it helps you to activate talents. Task – to complete task is a good choice to achieve better economics. Role – check out descriptions and attributes of heroes in characters system. Soldiers used to stand in the front line of battle field. Archers deal devastating damage to heroes with weak defense. Each time you upgrade a kingdom castle by 2, you will discover an extra resource location. Each time you upgrade it by 10, you will unearth a uranium mine on the bottom left of the island.

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