Battle Crasher Spin it
  • Cheats Battle Crasher hack android: crest, crystal, wheel of fortune, soul stone, redstone, gold, treasure box, tickets. Battle Crasher Spin it hacked game bug codes ✅ android, ios.

    Hacked Battle Crasher Spin it android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack tickets - fencwi;

    • treasure box — monshR ;

    • gold — sterb6 ;

    • redstone — charesl ;

    • soul stone — ractiz ;

    • wheel of fortune — ctere2 ;

    • crystal — rougiS ;

    • crest - worltG .

    Battle Crasher Spin it android, ios hack codes

    We welcome you for entering into the game world! My name is cheat-on. I will briefly explain the android game. I will easily explain the main screen. In the inventory, you can check the abilities, possessed crest, and items to be equipped. In addition, you can make character upgrade using the collected soul stones. Wheel of fortune may give you various items. You can use it once a day for free. Tavern – in the pub you can recover your health. If you're lucky you can strengthen your health. It's a pub and you need to pay for it of course. In the store, you can buy gold, crystal, and crest. Let's go to the world map where you can battle with monsters. For locked chapters, you need to pay to open it.

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    Welcome game Battle Crasher Spin it! Through the battle, your character will grow and you will win items and gold. Wheel of fortune – lucky place to get gold, soul stone, crystal, items, etc. Wheel of fortune can be spun for free once a day or hack cheats. TO spin it, you need to consume redstone. Wheel of fortune – spin stops when you touch the stop button. You can get red stone from the crest item puzzle and the treasure box. To add more redstone, touch the + button. Soulstones can only be obtained in this place or bug code list. Hero menu – here you can check the ability of the characters. You can check the possessed crest item. You can check you soul stone.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Battle Crasher Spin it android codes: soul stone can only be obtained from the hack list. You can upgrade characters up to 6th grade with soul stone. The ability value of a character rises permanently when the character's grade is upgraded. The crest items can be obtained from killing monsters, shop, treasure chest, etc. Drag the owning crest item and drop it in the empty slot to complete the puzzle. Every time a crest item is put into a slot, you get a red stone. When the horizontal and vertical crest items fill the line, the slot will be emptied and the red stone is obtained. Have dinned at the pub and recover your HP. Sometimes, it can be painful to hit by some flying bottles. If you are lucky, you can strengthen your health. If you are not, you may encounter Moro, the assassin.

    Tips Battle Crasher Spin it: touch 2x button when you feel lucky and take twice the reward. For larger rewards, we will have to pay greater costs. For a locker chapter, you need to pay to open it. Through the battle, your character will grow and you will win items and gold. Touch the spin button to start the search. Depending on the outcome, a bear might raid you or a petty thief might lighten your pocket. Sometimes you will fight battle against monsters. You can recover mu health by eating dinner deliciously at camp. If lucky, you will discover treasure box. Touch the spin button, the battle will start, the slot will automatically stop. Battle is decided by the symbol of the first slot on the left side. You may try luck by touching 2x. You will get double damage, gold and so does monster attack damage.

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