Villain Rush
  • Cheats Villain Rush hack android: inborn draw, tickets, gold, awakening, evolution, crystals, vouchers, tablet mode, gears. Villain Rush hacked game bug codes ✅ android, ios.

    Hacked Villain Rush android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack tablet mode - fencwi;

    • vouchers — monshR ;

    • crystals — sterb6 ;

    • evolution — charesl ;

    • awakening — ractiz ;

    • gold — ctere2 ;

    • tickets — rougiS ;

    • inborn draw - worltG .

    Villain Rush android, ios hack codes

    Do you recognize me? I am your deputy, cheat-on. Now that you, great leader, are alive, we can revive the Kaizins...What? You don't remember? But you're the leader of all Kaizins that swore allegiance to you. We shouldn't tarry. I, deputy cheat-on, will assist you with all my heart. First, let's revive the Kaizins to conquer the world ruled by Heroes. With enough gold, you can revive Kaizins 10 times in a row. Revived heroes will automatically wage war in their nations. And when you meet another character already revived, it will level up and become more powerful! The gold cost for reviving reases each time, but we must carry on if we are to defeat the enemy heroes.

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    Welcome game Villain Rush! Great leader, you not only have the power of revival, but also another special power. When you tap a kaizin during battle, you can increase its attack speed by 3 times. Tap a character in trouble fighting in each nation to lend a hand. You can get special skill effects in deputy or lair. Weapon increase attack, armor increase defense and accessories increase health. Gear can be upgraded with gold coins or hack cheats. Revivivng an identical Kaizin will increase the level of the previous identical one. A hero inborn birth is divided into n, r, sr. More revives mean more gold. Deputy skill gives you up to 20 crystals per 10 minutes during offline periods.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Villain Rush android codes: You can check the continental nation conquest in world domination. In sr guarantee draws only inborn r, sr characters are revived. Reviving an identical hero will increase the level of the previous identical one. Gear can power up all Kaizins. A hero boss has appeared! The bosses appear when you clear stage 10 of each nation. When a boss appears, you cannot advance the stages further, so when you see the boss icon in the world domination menu, defeat the boss to progress the stages. Reviving an identical Kaizin will increase the level of the previous identical one.

    how to enter hack cheats Villain Rush.

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