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    Iron Blade Medieval Legends android, ios hack codes

    Damian - we are needed in Acquitaine. There are demonic forces afoot in the countryside...You are quite the fighter, but dark times are coming, and you will need more than a simple blade to win the day. To attack with your main weapon, tap the right side of the screen. To block an oncoming attack, tap the left side of the screen. Successful blocking will deplete your stamina bar. If you block without stamina you will take partial damage. You gain stamina by leveling up you character. To target a different enemy, swipe across from the right side of the screen. To attack with your offhand weapon, tap and hold right side of the screen. Tap a skill button to use skill. Skills are great at handing crowds of enemies.

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    Welcome game Iron Blade Medieval Legends! A hero is defined by the strength of his weapons...not by the number he owns. Thankfully, Damian, with your powers, you can fuse many weapons into one. Let’s fuse some of your lesser swords into a more powerful one. Tap on your sword slot to get started. From here, you can fuse other items to this sword to make it more powerful! Tap on this slot to pick an item from your inventory. Tap fuse button to confirm and enjoy upgraded sword. Evolving an item or troop also consumes gold. Regular keys - you can use them to open regular chest and get new weapons or armor! Upgrade your fortress to increase the currency production cap and the number of slots available per wave.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Iron Blade Medieval Legends android codes: when you buy energy, you also receive raid tickets. Skill boosters can be used instead of a duplicate item to increase the skill level of an item. Fusing a duplicate item will increase the skill level of the beneficiary by one. You can equip items in the same way. Subscription packs give you rubies, gold and energy every day. A tier 5 commander produces more gold, and also produces rubies, in your fortress. You can fuse troops the same way you do gear items. Use fusion to increase item stats and experience level. You can only evolve an item to a higher tier once it has reached its maximum level for its current tier.

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