Dungeon and League
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    Dungeon and League android, ios hack codes

    Abilities and limit levels are increased, and new skills are available. Skill level can be upgraded as much as the character's level. In the arena you can play real time multiplayer games with other players. Winning in the arena gives you more rewards than campaign mode! You can also get a trophy. If you collect trophies and go to the higher arena, you will receive new characters and more rewards. The leader battle is a 3 us 3 real time battle between the leader characters of each player team. Team battle is a real time battle between all our teams and the teams of other players.

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    Welcome game Dungeon and League!Join the battle and earn the crown. Collect all the crowns to earn a crown box. The crown box is available once every 24 hours. Enter the hero menu to build your team. Click and place your character. Place it in the leader position. The leader is controllable. Visit the store before you go on an adventure. You can purchase gems and gold at the store. You can also buy treasure boxes right away. The treasure chest of the shop contains gold, gem, and character cards of different rank. Purchase cards to upgrade your character. Upgrade your character with the card you purchased.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dungeon and League android codes: to move the character, click on the direction the arrow points to. Clicking the skill button will use the unique skill. Health has decreased? Go back to the nexus and recover health. Use super skill to neutralize your enemies. When a tower is destroyed, you gain a score. When the base is destroyed, you win the game. The box contains gold, gems, and character cards. The card has three basic, rare, and epic grades. The free box is charged every four hours. Do not miss it. Depending on the type of treasure box, you can also get gems crystal.

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