Hero Sky Epic Guild Wars
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    Hacked Hero Sky Epic Guild Wars android, ios

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    • premium hero summon - 1magi8 .

    Hero Sky Epic Guild Wars android, ios hack codes

    Thank you for saving me. I'll help you summon the world's greatest heroes. A free hero card will be available once every 12 hours. Please visit the altar often. With all the masters clashing for supremacy, it's good to have our own hero. The hero will also help you defeat Hades and his evil minions from the underworld. You'll need powerful troops too! Collect nectar for training! Use gems to finish the training right away. With more builders you can build more at the same time! You can use the hero's attack skill for defense! Take note of the hero temple location.

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    Welcome game Hero Sky Epic Guild Wars! master, the Olympian gods welcome you to Sky world. Check out the gift code from Zeus in your mailbox. Mission - battle for resources and gems against Hades' underworld army. Find a match - plunder resources and trophies from players around the world. Hero strikes back - you can deploy the trained troops and summoned heroes to the underworld. Level up upgrades the hero's abilities. Select heroes to use as level up ingredients from the bottom menu.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Hero Sky Epic Guild Wars android codes: evolve a new hero by gathering 2 superb heroes. Tap and hold down unit icon to train multiple troops. Heroes deployed at the hero temple can be used for both attack and defense. Touch a spot to use skill. You cannot deploy troops near a building. You can deploy a hero to attack and to defend. We should raid the underworld where treasures are hidden. Touch the hero's skill icon and then touch the spot where you want to use it. Each kind of troop has a favorite target that they will attack first. Use them well.

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