Spirit Lords
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    Spirit Lords android, ios hack codes

    Legend claims people once covered this world. A mighty empire of learning and power, destroyed by an invasion from the mythical spirit realm. Today there is only Arkos, the last city, and a handful of colonies battling the wilds. My search has found no proof of the "Hundred Heroes" who supposedly stopped the war 800 years before. Two weeks ago, though, a miracle found me as I explored the ruins. A spirit that warned me I must go home or lose everything I love.
    The gnolls have recently constructed a series of encampments across the open countryside defended by spiked gates and thick wooden walls.

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    Welcome game Spirit Lords! BARBARIAN - A master of two-handed weaponry, the Barbarian crushes opponents with elementally infused strikes. They thrive in the heart of the battle surrounded by their foes. SORCERER - The Sorcerer manipulates the five elements In a wondrous display of magical power. Distance is their greatest ally, preserving their strength to cast powerful abilities from afar. Frozen orb - shoots a ball of ice every seconds that explodes for 6 damage and chills nearby enemies for a short duration. Tap on a target to use your basic ability. The basic attack continues automatically. Tap and drag to use your directional ability. Double tap a location to use our mobility ability.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Spirit Lords android codes: don't forget - spend your tickets at the relic shop. Tap on the exit stone to finish a dungeon. It looks like items you collect automatically go to your backpack. Armor increases defense. Drag it to the armor slot to equip (tap and hold to see details). Tap on chests to open them. Directional slot - spirit with a directional ability put it here. Equip spirits to give you new and different abilities. Each spirit has a specific slot it goes into and a specific ability. Detonation - conjures an explosion knocking back all nearby enemies dealing 8 damage. Spirits power each other up and are happy to join forces. Gold is used as a grounding agent so is required for all power ups.

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