Legendary Team
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    Legendary Team android, ios hack codes

    Chieftain, Welcome to Empera! I am assigned be your guide through town, but an urgent matter is at hand! Our Priestess has been abducted by bandits! We are doomed without her abilities, you must help us! Quickly, defeat the bandits and help us get her back! Bandits are just ahead... Move a little further by dragging your hero onward. Now you can move and have the courage to face the bandits. I hope to form a legendary team with your help,commander! Chieftain, please accept this small reward as a token of our gratitude. You shall receive more as you continue to help us each day!

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    Welcome game Legendary Team! Priest - you can use my skills to get more powerful healing when you need. I am too weak to face the bandits! You must attack to get them away from me! Chieftain, we are threatened by ill-tempered cultists from outside of town. Now that you are here, we can have our revenge! We can get to them in no time! There is a portal where you can easily travel great distances in Empera. This is the map that shows where the portal opens to. Now you can only see one of the continents in Empera. In Consul you can find the Heroes of Empera awaiting your call. You can browse through them by swiping left and right!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Legendary Team android codes: you must visit the Vault to change the equipment of your heroes. You can find your Hero's gear on the left and his personal Inventory on the right side. You can switch between your Heroes' inventories from the top panel. Tap on an Item to see its stats or swap it with a suitable Item from your gear. Remember you can always try new loot in vault. You should recruit more heroes from the consul to fight by your side. To recruit a Hero, tap on the centered Hero of the Consul and then tap hire to persuade him to fight by your side. In the Armory, you can buy or sell your loot. The Smith produces new Items each day! If you want Smith to show you more Items right now, you need to pay him an extra fee for his troubles.

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  • how and where enter
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