Velator Immortal Invasion
  • Cheats Velator Immortal Invasion hack android: gold, point, tome of secrets, crystals, hearts, special summon, unlimited keys. Velator Immortal Invasion hacked game bug codes android, ios.

    Hacked Velator Immortal Invasion android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack gold - theswi;

    • unlimited keys - mrospR ;

    • enhance - 0tarkn ;

    • special summon - c3with ;

    • hearts - 5fadez ;

    • crystals - 6tpast ;

    • tome - abovi9 ;

    • point - 1magi8 .

    Velator Immortal Invasion android, ios hack codes

    Do you recognize me? I am cheat-on, your aide. I'm sorry, sir. I cannot get confirmation on the situation. All i know is that the empire's capital has suddenly been annihilated. First, let me teach you how to use the ultimate skill. There are two ways to use your ultimate skill. Drag the flashing skill button at the bottom right upward. Double tap the flashing skill button at the bottom right. For all heroes, use the ultimate skill like this when mana is full, using whichever method you find to be easiest.

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    Welcome game Velator Immortal Invasion! Mocachu the summoner will accept summoning materials and summon heroes for you in the hero summoning area. There are 5 races for heroes. They are Horug, Entrydal, Paragon, Stiria, and Devil. You can get information and manage the heroes you own through the hero management menu. You can safely practice leveling up your skills in this virtual space. Every hero owns skill points. Make sure you've spent all your skill points before you go out to battle. Spend all the points on the ultimate skill, literally the most important one among them all.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Velator Immortal Invasion android codes: every hero owns an ultimate skill. The evolved hero will be level 1, but with much higher stats. Tome of secrets summons any regular to rare hero. With the tome of prophecy, you can get a 3 star hero or better! Tap a hero icon to place the hero in the party. Use the same grade hero with the same amount of the grade to your maximum level hero, then your hero will evolve successfully! Your hero's battle tendency can be changed by the items equipped. Tap the + button to specify how many skill points to spend. Don't forget to spend the skill points before you go to battle. If item is enhanced, you will obtain a stronger item. Utilize the leader skill to strengthen your hero party.

    how to enter hack cheats Velator Immortal Invasion.

  • how and where enter
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