Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom
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    Hacked Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom android cheats, ios

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    • diamonds - atta8R ;

    • speed up - char6n ;

    • mythical chest - Warr5h ;

    • epic items - drage0 ;

    • level up - enteEt ;

    • mana - obtaW9 ;

    • food - YourK8 .

    Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom android, ios hack codes

    My Lord! The Abyss Lord has captured the Royal castle! He has captured the king and his daughter, that is your bridge! Free them as fast as you can! To do that, you need to fight the enemy army at the castle walls! The Abyss Lord used a forbidden spell! Your army vanished... And so did the king and his daughter! Sir, you should save your bride and the king! I will help you gather an army! First of all, we need to repair a barracks. Construction takes time, which we do not have! Let's use hack cheats code magic to speed things up! Perfect, now let's begin training warriors! Send a free subject to the barracks. Arm your warriors, sir.

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    Welcome android game Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom! Barracks - this room, allows you to recruit a battle squad to launch attacks or defend your castle. When you begin upgrading the room, all action being performed by the residents will be interrupted. We need to fortity our castle for the battles to come. First, build a mess hall so the residents have enough food. Appoint a treasurer to receive more gold for building and upgrading rooms in the castle. Now that life in the castle has been established, you should go back to commanding your army, my lord! I have told you everything i know about castle keeping. From now on, you will do fine on your own. I will always be in the vicinity. We will help you if something goes wrong. Good luck, my lord!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom android codes: have residents produce offspring in the living room. Remember to develop your warriors in the Armory. When leveled up, the fighter grows stronger. In there are residents in a room that is being built, they reduce times required for construction or upgrade. The chest may contain precious resources and items. Upgrade the throne room to unlock new rooms and upgrades. The mess hall produces food to support your troops. You need a cellar to store the food produced in your mess hall. remember to claim rewards for quests you have completed.

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