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    Hacked Tap Souls android cheats, ios

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    • hack vouchers - caut2i;

    • items - atta8R ;

    • skills - char6n ;

    • clear stage - Warr5h ;

    • gems - drage0 ;

    • sleipnir wing - enteEt ;

    • level up - obtaW9 ;

    • souls - YourK8 .

    Tap Souls android, ios hack codes

    Are you the newly born Valkurie? I'm Odin, the master of Valhalla. I am the most exalted and noble being among the gods. It is seldom that a regular valkyrie meets me, but since Freyja is not here, i will do the explanation. You will be more pleased. Your mission is to guide the soul that will become Einheri to Valhalla. The easiest way to learn something is to try it directly. Follow me. Actually, monsters are lef around here. Although there is usually no value, but your soul is too weak. You need to increase your power to meet a true hero.

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    Welcome android game Tap Souls! First of all, defeat the monster and get the souls. You can tap the screen to attack enemies, if you touch and hold it will attack enemies at a constant speed. Increase your power with soul. Touch the skill button and open the skill list. You can gain or enhance skills by paying souls. As the level increases the required soul will increase. You are still weak, but if you keep defeating monsters, it will be something to use. When you defeat 10 monsters, the boss of that stage will appear. You can proceed to the next stage by defeating the boss. If you defeat all the enemies of the stage you can select the next stage. Touch the auto select button automatically selects the next area.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Tap Souls android codes: touch the hero button to open the hero list. You can unlock the hero by paying souls. Touch the button to hire a warrior hero. When you summon a hero, the battle automatically progresses to the enemy, and when the health becomes 0 , the summon is canceled. Savage vigor - increase damage dealt to none boss by 50%. Bash - increase this hero damage by 100%. Touch the quest button and open the quest list. You can unlock and level up the quest by paying souls. If you touch the quest icon, you can proceed with the quest and receive the reward souls.

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