Heart Castle
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    Alice was in a come for over a month. When she woke up, she was no longer the cheerful girl i remembered. She would talk about things that she experienced during her feverish coma state. Her stories were so vivid and elaborate as if she had visited another world. After the long stories of her adventures, Alice would fall back into a long slumber. And when she woke up, she would panic and cry, saying that she had to go back to her shadow that she left in Wonderland. Every day Alice would roam the garden in search of the white rabbit that she insisted took her to Wonderland. After the night of an old moon, she vanished as if by magic. My Alice disappeared.

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    Welcome android game Heart Castle! Heart castle is on the other side of Griffon forest. Be careful. Strange things have been happening in Wonderland. let us begin with the basics for the game! Tap the green arrow to begin the tutorial. There are different game modes in heart castle: dimansion hole, story mode, infinity tower, arena, world boss. You will need to level up to unlock the other game modes. The story mode is about Alice's adventures! uncover the story of Wonderland by completing the different stages. Griffon forest is the first stage of story mode. Tap on the first grey circle at your character to start. Stage details - this is what you will see before entering the stage. You can bring up to 3 pets in party. Complete the 3 missions to reveal hidden puzzle pieces.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Heart Castle android codes: elements of fire, water, wood affect each other in heart castle. Character stats change depending on the equipment on your character. The element of a pet or monster is shown by their portrait background color. Each stage has a different element and is shown under stage details. You can view the monster info by tapping on their portrait. Starting a stage will use up 1 key. You can select a friend's pet to help you in the stage. Your friend can assist you for a short duration. Lastly, there is a cooldown after summoning your friend's pet. You can control everything by tapping the screen. Tap on the enemy monster to perform basic attacks automatically. A diamond icon appears over you selected target.

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