Mayhem Arena Shooter
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    • merc unlock - elemEt ;

    • upgrade - combW9 ;

    • cash - meleK8 .

    Mayhem Arena Shooter android, ios hack codes 2017

    Welcome, commander. My name is cheat-on. I'm here to ensure that you have the minimum required skills to survive in the Mayhem arena. Mayhem is played with both hands holding the device. Tap and hold the right button to move character. Jump up on the platform to proceed. Double tap the right button to dash through the barrier. The white bars are your stamina. They determine how often you can dash. Fire at the barrels to destroy them. Press and hold the fire button and slide your thumb up to aim high. Watch your health from barrel explosions. You health bar is always blue. Collect the health orb to recover from damage. Slide your thumb down on the right button to drop down.

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    Welcome android game Mayhem Arena Shooter! Each merc wields a unique ability. Tactical rhino's is stim burst. It will heal Rhino and temporarily boost his agility upon activation. Activate Stim burst by tapping on the ability button. Enemy health bars are red. However, you wan't last long in a real fight by relying solely on your weapon. Use Stim burst twice during combat. Now i'll show you how to make your merc stronger by leveling up during battle. Enemies will drop purple orbs when killed. Collect orbs to fill your level meter. Each time you level up, your character's attack power and defense will be increased for the rest of the match. Level 10 is the maximum. Your team's objective is to destroy the enemy's reactor. Matches are 2 us 2 and will end in a tie if neither team's reactor explodes before the round is up. Work as a team to achieve victory.

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    Secrets cheat gameplay Mayhem Arena Shooter android codes: you'll gain 3 orbs at an active orb hub. Orbs hubs reactivate after a short interval. Enemy sentries will also yield orbs when destroyed. Rhino isn't the only merc you'll use during battle. In a real match, you'll be able to choose from any character in your squad. Kira - holding the fire button will charge the range and power of Hira's arrow. When you see a flash on Kira's bow it means you've reached full charge. All hero have unique passive abilities. Guardian Kira can perform a jump kick that can knock away enemies on contact. Double tap right to jump kick through the barrier and knock the enemy away. Refinery - this is a full-fledged battle arena. Team's reactor - where you and your allies will spawn. You can also return to this spawn area to recover from wounds during battle.

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