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  • how to cheats Battle Monsters hack kode: stamina energy health, gems, general training, ability points, super pack, gold. Battle Monsters hacked game bug codes android, ios.

    How bug Battle Monsters code cheats bug key 2017

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack tickets - Wabett;

    • health - accu8R ;

    • gold - Magain ;

    • super packs codes - coDunk ;

    • ability points - deassis ;

    • general training - elyour ;

    • gems - coandr ;

    • stamina energy - meCrow .

    Battle Monsters android, ios hack codes 2017

    Decreases enemy normal monsters' attack and defense. You should have a monster to be one. The association'll give you an enhanced monster, so pick a good one. This monster will be summoned randomly, but you can summon it again for a limited number of times. You can buy some useful items with the gems. Please make good use of them. You are now a monster master, a member of the association. Let's begin. Shall we start with hunting? You can go around the area and hunt monsters. Sometimes you can capture a monster of 1 star or higher if you are lucky. Tap the hunting button on the bottom and then tap the first one on the list.

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    Welcome android game Battle Monsters! Zippy aquamarine wolfed - A wolf mutated after being bitten by a human. Once a master, always a master for it. It turns to a young boy on the full moon. Fierce Jasper Yodal - a fast monster that looks like a turtle. Its bulging belly is not its shell but a six pack. Crazed Opal big brotter - a happy monster that enjoys hunting. They exchange bad jokes with each other and always spoil the mood. Super opal bomboss - a smart monkey capable of controlling violent boars. Its dream is to fly in the air riding the clouds. Stocky aquamarine vamp - a vampire that carries its own coffin around. On top of that, it has only one suit.

    Battle Monsters hack cheat code key mode

    Secrets cheat gameplay Battle Monsters android codes: you will gain some gold and experience each time you hunt, and you'll level up as your experience increases. You will receive additional rewards and capture some monsters if you complete a mission. You will get 3 stat points every time you level up. If you distribute these points to your abilities, you'll get stronger. Every ability has its own strength, so distribute the points accordingly. You learned quicker than expected. You are truly a master! I'll give you some gold from the association as a reward. If you want to do something else after hunting come to the main menu. See you later!

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