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    . Android game Dragon Striker cheat hack code - enhance, evolve, awaken, epic pet, rune, gem crystal, stamina energy, gold coins (New York, Unated state).

    Warrior Falken - a pirit warrior with high life who uses fire and electricity. ALso excels in close ranged fighting. Descendent of Olsen the legendary warrior. Archer Aina - Kyle’s descendant who’s a famous elemental hunter. Has high agility, expert of bows and throwing weapons. Wizard Miriam - a naturally gifted spiritualist who claims that her best weapon is her looks. Attacks using powerful magic. Soul burner - i am the dragon of flame and darkness who burns down enemies soul! Especially my soul bust can defeat all my enemies in an instant. Skill: flame tornado.
    The Krieger was defeated after fierce battle, and the spirit world has regained peace. After a thousand years the spirit war is just a legend to peaceful human world but the spirit of light has suddenly came from the spirit world with a shocking news. krieger has resurrected into hell krieger. THe human world elders have decided to help the spirit world again, and draft heroes to fight with the dark army. Portal between the human and the spirit world has reopened, heroes have headed towards the spirit world. The second spirit war has already begun.

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    Nice to meet you. Welcome to the android game world! This is place was dragon’s hiding zone. let’s see how the past heroes did, while learning how to fight. Hero status - allows you to view hero’s health points. Step on the round plate to the right to advance to next area. Your hero will quickly get into fighting mode when an enemy is near. Follow the arrow above the hero’s head to find the enemies. A battle will automatically commence. Use skills on powerful enemies. Skills can deal massive damage. You have to wait before you can reuse skills though. If you select auto battle then your hero will automatically move and fight. Let’s start with thorough adventure preparations. First, bring your pet with you on your adventure (select enlarge menu button, when select pet button). In pet manager, you can view your pet’s info and join or quit from adventures.

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    Dragon Striker secret Dragon Striker bug

    Tips: you can get a free buff every 30 minutes. You can level heroes and pets in adventures. Join adventures to get gold and experience. Tap on pets to view their details. You can add pets and view pets in adventures. Up to 3 pets can join your adventure. All pets have different abilities. Pet info - view stats and skills of your pets. You can equip runes you’ve gained. Selling pet - earn gold by selling your pets. Enhancement - absorb spirits of other pets to enhance. Evolution - with the pet of same abilities, evolve into stronger forms. Zone tab - you can pick a zone to adventure in. Finish forest adventures to unlock following zones.

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    Dragon Striker gem crystal Dragon Striker epic pet

    1. oBNmGQD6No - enhance
    2. r9ppehSWzP - evolve
    3. Bct9014eUQ - awaken
    4. WkHLg2XGLE - epic pet
    5. YP2KqQgYmd - rune
    6. 3aVf8yy4A8 - gem crystal
    7. fT79SLL5vH - stamina energy
    8. zz59LNdCfE - gold coins
    9. yd0PmnHe6R - level up

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    Published contact: 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US

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    Author: Solarka
    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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