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    Tanks are slow, but can soak up massive damage! He need backup! Play gunslinger Kyle behind tank. Ranged units have lower health, but can attack from a distance while staying safe. Kenny’s sister is an assassin. Play her to deal with archers. Assassins have low health, but are crazy fast and deal massive damage. Tap on the bubble to activate special power. Tap the level node and continue our hunt for stan of many moons. Cards cost energy to play, energy increases over time. Tap and hold on the card to see the details. Icon shows a card’s class: shield - tank, daggers - assassin, sword - fighter. If your deck has same character as the stage boss, it will not be drawn to your hand at that stage.

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    Sheriff Cartman - charged: damage nearby enemies with his bullet tantrum. Calamity Heidi - is a fighter that is both smart and funny. Inuit kenny - deathwish: kills the enemy that killed him. Inuits are technically native Americans. Warcry: throws dynamite (20 damage if it hits enemy leader). Fireball - damage characters in area. Cartman’s fantasy theme cards are best at buffing units on the battlefield. The orange circle under Cartman shows how long until his special power is ready. The larger circle around Cartman shows the range of his power. Change your shirt by tapping the body tab. Colorize different parts of your outfit by selecting them on the left. Get crazy! Use duplicates to level up cards and increase their upgrade limit.

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    Tips: tank units may have a lot of health, but they are also slow and have weak attacks. Use all the remaining potions to raise up the level as much as you can. Stan’s adventure theme cards are best dealing direct damage. Choose wisely, a deck can only hold 2 different card themes. End a live match with more health bar segments that your opponent and you win! Tap the rank shield in butter’s house to see this season’s reward list. Each card theme has its own set of upgrade items to collect. Winning live matches at butters’ house is the best way to improve your collection. Tap your house to change outfits. Characters with the head hunter keyword will only attack enemy leaders. The clowing ring under a unit with a charged power show how long until the power is ready.

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    1. NUaH0QGwi0 - level up
    2. TFrys3xP4T - cash
    3. xrjU52nRfo - gold coins
    4. 9l9qbF7gqU - stuff
    5. obgbqgSm2y - gift ticket
    6. 6VhCBX5iwW - premium pack
    7. Du8wcom4uZ - upgrade item
    8. KEQYitYAuc - vip

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    Published contact: 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US

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    Author: Solarka
    Published contact: The United States of America (USA), 228 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003-1502, US
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