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    . Android game Summoners Clash cheat hack code - battle points, gold, egg, open now, epic hero, upgrade, gem crystal, chest (New York, Unated state).

    You will earn points if you destroy the tower. WHoever earns the most points during 3 minutes of the game wins. If you destroy your opponent’s dragon, you win immediately, regardless of the time remaining. Whoever has defended more towers at the end of the game wins. However, if your dragon is destroyed, you lose the game immediately. The cards below can be summoned using summoning power. The amount of summoning power required to summon a hero is displayed at the bottom right of each card. This summoning power is automatically refiled in a certain period of time. You can use up this summoning power to summon a hero you want. Summoning power is refilled one bar at a time at regular intervals, so keep an eye on your summoning power when summoning heroes. Cards will not be activated unless you have summoning power. Your summoning power was refilled by 4 points and the bullet party card was activated. If you select a hero card and drag it to the spot where you want to summon it, the summoning power is consumed and the hero is summoned. After being used, it is refilled at regular intervals. A skill icon appears next to the hero when the hero is able to use a skill. The icon is not shown when the hero is unable to use a skill.

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    Train your heroes and recruit other heroes as well to protect your dragon egg. When you select a hero, the info and use buttons will appear. You can check the hero’s active skills. You can see more details if you tap the details button. If you look at death wolf’s skills, he has one that allows him to cloak himself and approach an enemy, then hits nearby enemies to put them in an usual condition. It’s a good skill for assassinating powerful enemy heroes or blocking enemies rushing at you in groups. For details about the skill, tap the details button. You can check the stats for each hero. The + number next to each number is the amount by which the stat increases when upgraded. hero upgrades require the cards for that hero as well as gold. The higher the level of the hero, the more cards and gold required.

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    Tips: cards sold in the shop change to new cards daily at 00:00. Bullet party’s skill deal damage to enemies in front and slows down their movement speed. YOu can reuse skills when the yellow cooldown time below the HP gauge is full. Summon Bigfoot the tanker to charge forward to the enemy’s camp. Bigfoot’s skill makes him stronger, increases his own attack speed and slows down the movement speed and attack speed of enemies within rage. Try attacking your opponent’s camp as quickly as possible. You will earn battle points, gold and eggs as rewards if you win in battles. You can go to a higher - ranking arena by collecting battle points. The higher the arena, the more gold you will earn. YOu will receive eggs if you win in battles. While your deck slots are still locked, you will receive a bronze egg with a short hatching time.

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    1. wmW60VFJlW - battle points
    2. PLp5e8HZ1h - gold
    3. pftjs5qrPB - egg
    4. WXlHFn0Ri3 - open now (instant)
    5. e3LO94OEux - epic hero
    6. sVEw8XoWT0 - upgrade
    7. CpjdwcBYuj - gem crystal
    8. ScOAcJf9jH - chest

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