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    . Android game Golden Arcana Tactics cheat hack code - unlimited energy, gold coins, upgrade, gem crystal, gift pack, voucher ticket, premium card (New York, Unated state).

    The Taurian army has received news that the monsters of Voraces are attacking a remote mountain village. It is up to Tyl to dispel this threat. Drag the cards and kill the enemies! If their health reaches 0, they’ll be dead. The top left corner of the card indicates the cooldown. The top right - is the amount of damage the card will do. Party - these are the heroes currently unlocked to fight. Tap on battle button to start the fight.

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    Golden Arcana Tactics cheats android, ios hack codes
    Golden Arcana Tactics hack Golden Arcana Tactics cheat

    Armbreaker - this card places a negative effect (or debuff) on the enemy lowering its damage, this icons represents what effects the card has. Card info - here you can see more info about what each card does, and what any other effect they have. An arcane missions - here you can find arcane fragments to unlock more heroes. First we have to spend some coins to unlock the arcane trial. Every hero, card and enemy has a type. It can be tech, order, arts or wild.

    Golden Arcana Tactics - secret code hack tips

    Golden Arcana Tactics secret Golden Arcana Tactics mode code

    Tips: the more you upgrade the items the more powerful the cards will become. Remember that every time you battle, you’ll spend some energy. But don’t worry, it’ll regenerate over time. Flail grenades - explodes the flails making interrupting the opponent a couple seconds and resetting his cooldown. Provoke - provokes the enemy so the next attacks hits her instead of her allies. Holy fist - uses the holy power to damage one enemy.

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    1. 4A3VQLtjml- unlimited energy
    2. lkCRCGRHzA - gold coins
    3. VedI8IR92K - upgrade
    4. hnB2K2GWQU - gem crystal
    5. 4M0pWI43SS - gift pack
    6. przj7omwWR - voucher ticket
    7. tvTEbA5P8u - premium card

    title: hack Golden Arcana Tactics
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