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    Valondale, the kingdom of Aryan warriors, with the power of the holy shield descending from generation to generation, had an undefeatable army. Valondale explanded its boundless empire. Other kingdoms were conquered and controlled by Valondale’s king who lusted for power. A group of resistance fighters secretly gathered. They created a dimensional portal in order to summon hero guardians. According to the legend, the lost dimensional portal of Elados was opened once before, and the hero guardians were summoned to save the world.

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    nevertheless, instead of summoning the hero guardians, the portal brought a demonic army from the deepest hell, to this world. No one can stop the malicious power of the demonic army. Even the great Aryan warriors of Valondale, were defeated. The lord commander of Valondale and his best captain are trying to fulfill their king’s last wish that is to bring the holy shield to the island. There, they will find the answer for salvaging then kingdom. All the survivors have escaped to Tartarus. The place is surrounded by holy rivers and weterfalls which keep them safe from demonic monsters. In this last resort, the portal of Elados was accidentally discovered, and the last hope of saving the world has fallen. Into the hands of the person who can open the dimensional portal and summon the hero guardians to save the world again.

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    Heroes Guardian secret Heroes Guardian mode code

    Tips:every action will affect your queue, think wisely before you act. Golden frame is your team queue. Purple frame is your enemy queue. When your unit queue arranges configuration of more than one unit burst mode will activate. Heroes that have a queue line up will attack enemy at once and make huge damage to an enemy
    You are among the chosen one for the mission of saving the world. From your extraordinary skills, we believe you can open the dimensional portal of Tartarus. My name is cheat-on, i will be your assistant for this important mission. The legendary portal that has been said of bringing heroes to protect the world from the giant monster in the past. And we believe that what we are trying to do will make the mirage happen again as in the past. We have all the requirements as mentioned in the book except the one who can use hero power to bring out the heroes from this portal.

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    2. YZd9H57J1H - stone
    3. flY6G24TRx - rare summon
    4. 7QHZhmDIKa - raid ticket
    5. Ws7zHCm1gF - unlimited energy
    6. jI7eCFiXXk - fusion
    7. fosNw9btrd - evolution
    8. anR0RumO0O - gold
    9. m9hatgDdzk - gift pack

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