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    . Android game KingsRoad cheat hack code -skill point, skins, food, gold, gems, turnips, premium pack, increase stats, mode tablet (New York, Unated state).

    Please help us! Our village is under attack by the deadwood bandits. Please see me to learn the ways of the knight, archer or wizard. Archer - lay waste to your enemies with elemental archery. Knight - crush your enemies with technique and brute force. Wizard - destroy your enemies with powerful magic spells. After your hero kills an enemy, he will continue to auto attack other nearby enemies. Tap assign button to spend a skill point and learn your first skill.

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    All our merchants have gone missing. Lorian, our shopkeeper, is hiding outside town not far from here. i fear for her safety. If you find her she will be able to provide you with supplies. Lorian has been captured by Dirk Deadwood! He’s one of three brothers that lead the Deadwood bandits. Follow the path and save our merchant! Lorian sells all manner of food to restore health lost in combat, among many other items. Skills: volley - shoots three arrows in quick succession at an enemy.

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    KingsRoad secret KingsRoad mode code

    Tips: tap on the ground to move. Tap an enemy once and you’ll continue to auto attack. Including food to quickly restore your health. Turnips - will greatly increase your chances of survival. Drag the food from your inventory to your action bar. All active skills require mana to use. Use drinks to replenish it. Come back least once every day to collect your new daily reward. For quick access to your favorite food and drinks, drag them from your inventory to the toolbar at the bottom of your screen.

    how to enter hack cheats KingsRoad.

    1. 2JyvOgeuF5 - skill point
    2. VvEpgj8aKd - skins
    3. 2BkeG97Pcc - food
    4. ECakytwq8N - gold
    5. 4reDUWTncC - gems
    6. 7y8DAD5R3h - premium pack
    7. vhe33esyGv - increase stats
    8. TwIa0GIfbq - tablet
    9. pmmMekNx1I - mode

    title: hack KingsRoad
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