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    . Android game ConstantineM cheat hack code - treasure chest, gold, gem crystal, unlimited stamina energy, evolve, enhance, level up, upgrade (New York, Unated state).

    Nice to meet you, my name is cheat-on. I’ll teach you more about the game’s controls so you can get started. It won’t take long, so pay attention. The left side of the screen is your movement panel. Monsters have appeared. Use the attack and evade buttons to defeat the monsters. When you evade, you become invincible, so use it well. Now i’ll teach you how to use skills. You can see that they go up, down, left and right. You do not touch these 4 icons. Skills activate sliding in a direction on the right hand section of the screen. Rage mode can be used once per stage. A gauge fills for every 10 combos you make. When the gauge is full the rage mode button is enabled.

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    ConstantineM cheats android, ios hack codes
    ConstantineM hack

    Someone is whispering in my head. The voice is telling me to awaken. Who is it? They must be here somewhere. i must find them. When fighting with monsters, player can control the hero, and each move has to be decided within 30 seconds. After the battle with monsters, 80% of battle loss will be recovered, if the battle is lost, the hero will be revived at the Sanctuary. Academy research and alliance technology will significantly boost your mercenaries’ stats. To liberate the castle, you need to capture any castle that belongs to the member of this very Alliance. You need to deploy city defenses on the wall to resist other players’ attack.

    ConstantineM cheat

    ConstantineM - secret code hack tips

    ConstantineM secret

    Tips: Death wolf - leaves a mark on 1 enemy, cloaks itself, then attacks. When he attacks the marked enemy hero, its attack and attack speed increase by 100%. If the marked enemy hero is attacked by death wolf, the enemy is stunned for 5 seconds and nearby enemy heroes are terrified for 5 seconds. The movement speed of terrified enemy heroes decreases by 90%. Gigant - jumps into the air to deal damage to enemies and then makes them fly in the air.

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    ConstantineM mode code
    1. sQExrtVhnZ - treasure chest
    2. xC4dgRhYli - gold
    3. aunirOM8j9 - gem crystal
    4. NQAkPxnBqm - unlimited stamina energy
    5. eAiHiEdFX6 - enhance
    6. 9aiZ0swBY4 - evolve
    7. TTEtgl0hmz - level up
    8. VvExq60F39 - upgrade

    title: hack ConstantineM
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