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    . Android game Sdorica Sunset cheat hack code - soul energy, curren, gem crystal, diamonds, evolve, enhance, level up, upgrade, ticket, premium gift (New York, Unated state).

    Are you awake? You’ve had quite a long dream. Thought i’d lost you to perpetual slumber. Er, that expression of yours… don’t recognize who i am? oh my, must be the amnesia as a side effect. Not to worry. This possible outcome was predicted, hence arranging for my arrival at this precise moment. Yes, this is all going according to your plan. Plenty of time to spare on a walkthrough. We are watchers of the Bequeathers, an academic organization secretly safeguarding the world’s knowledge. Our purpose is to document important events as they unfold, done by closely following the journeys of characters that matter. We constantly gather intel to predict the future of this world, in attempt to prevent misfortune from ever occurring.

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    Sdorica Sunset cheats android, ios hack codes
    Sdorica Sunset hack

    Please keep to your duties as an observer, so we may decrease any risks of interference to a minimum. When the Bequeathers are required to take action, the higher ups will give us orders to rewrite history as we know it. That is the book of Bequeathers in your hand, what we use to record everything that’s ever happened. Don’t be alarmed, you are the rightful owner to this book. Let’s familiarize ourselves with the instructions again, it won’t take long for you to get back on track. Your memories are only temporarily lost, all because of those powerful soul bookmarks. You had the ability to extract character memories from flowing soul energy, which then became character minerals, and eventually reimagined for the book of Bequeathers. Soon enough, you will be able to read between the lines with ease. I’m confident that your accurate handiwork will provide the higher ups as worthy assistance in making correct predictions. You were the only one amongst us watchers to possess such coveted skill.
    Sdorica Sunset cheat

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    Sdorica Sunset secret

    Tips: I’ll guide you through the entire routine until you’ve mastered it again. It’s time to begin. Look at the book of Bequeathers, something is glowing within kingdom of the sun, right on paradise prairie! That indicates a new event has occurred in that region. Block skill - tap and swipe 2 gold blocks. Heal allies - tap and swipe 4 white blocks. Swipe blocks - you can swipe either 1,2 or 4 blocks a time. Use these newly learned skills to face your foes. Try soul investment to increase character’s skill power. By clearing various quests, you collect soul energy for soul bookmarks. The prized resource is then invested to upgrade characters. But do pay heed: a soul bookmark cannot exceed your own watcher’s level.

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    Sdorica Sunset mode code
    1. eQsippSSYy - soul energy
    2. gXPTOSN9xO - curren
    3. IImyogqYuz - gem crystal
    4. 7TewRLUMtk - diamonds
    5. 1JE4mgDcdx - evolve, enhance
    6. bujkIXKZ1u - level up
    7. 4ZIH5aclyY - upgrade
    8. wMfXYxXZCr - ticket
    9. LSZ8SAdmOl - premium gift
    title: hack Sdorica Sunset
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