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    . Android game Heroes Mobile cheat hack code - fragment, gold, book, treasure chest, gem crystal, unlimited energy, upgrade, speed up, hero card, premium pack (New York, Unated state).

    This is a world different from yours, there are a lot of heroes here, and they battle with each other with the help from people like you. To make sure you can survive this world, i prepared a little trail to teach you the basic. The white area is the place you can go this turn. The red area indicates the enemy i can attack this round.
    Hero: Fonse - prince of the divine realm, has been leading his army to fight against the beasts and guarding his kingdom wholeheartedly for a long time. Maria - the heir of Naga the holy script. She’s fighting against her fate, and will never stop the learning of magic.

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    Heroes Mobile cheats android, ios hack codes
    Heroes Mobile hack

    Zero is a thief who can always get what he wanted, even the danger and the authority cannot stop him. Tonia - princess of the divine realm, is the master of music. her music will always sooth and encourage the soldiers on the battlefield. Kin - the wielder of the lost artifact Fujin Yumi, and a person who holds the desire to show off. Infantry units can move 2 space, can move only 1 space when they enter the woods. Armored units can move 1 space. Cavalries can move 3 spaces, but can not enter woods. Fliers can move 2 spaces, they can move to any terrain. Maria hero is a healer, she is very important in battle. User her wisely.

    Heroes Mobile cheat

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    Heroes Mobile secret

    Tips: before the battle starts, each side have their team of 6 heroes, the enemy heroes are on the top while yours are at bottom. Both sides can only choose 4 of 6 heroes to join the battle. We need to send 4 heroes to the battle, on the bottom half of the battlefield which is marked blue. The enemy will also send 4 heroes, on the upper side of the battlefield, which marked red. If you want to take back the hero you have deployed, move the hero up and out of the screen and let go. make sure you have 4 heroes on the field, if you deploy more than 4 heroes, remember to remove the extra ones.

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    Heroes Mobile mode code
    1. BWKhWaDSoz - fragment
    2. XBCvG92QWA - gold
    3. wS4A10S98f - book
    4. AEq1ZcEExc - treasure chest
    5. 0RrjxLA4M7 - unlimited energy
    6. HiafKzh8kf - speed up
    7. ZbZX1oJuHi - hero card
    8. wHQApfAmtK - premium pack
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