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    . Android game Fantasy Tales cheat hack code - fragment, gold, book, treasure chest, gem crystal, unlimited energy, upgrade, speed up, hero card, premium pack (New York, Unated state).

    Hi, i’m cheat-on! Goddess Ditne sent me to help you get stronger! YOu need gold to get stronger in this world. You have to constantly earn gold to make your party. Way to earn gold is simple. Quests can be level up. higher the level gets more rewards you can get. When you get a quest start quest button will be activated. in order to start the quest you need to touch start quest button. if you keep on doing like this you will get rich soon. But you can’t take care of it all the time. if you pay gold or diamonds, or watch ad you can make quests start automatically.

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    Fantasy Tales cheats android, ios hack codes
    Fantasy Tales hack

    I’m quite sure that you don’t know how to use gold. i’ll teach you how. YOu have to level up your heroes using gold to get stronger. Hero menu - you can check your stats and level up your heroes here. You can’t do anything alone 1 person party is not a good choice i’d say. If you touch party icon you can easily have a party. After changing your party make sure you touch confirm and close button. Boss stage will be activated when you reach 10 stages. You can move to the next area if you win the boss. Check the left icon if you want to know boss stage has been activated or not, if so the icon will appear.

    Fantasy Tales cheat

    Fantasy Tales - secret code hack tips

    Fantasy Tales secret

    Tips: boss is much more stronger than the ones that you’ve been fighting. Since he is strong make sure you use skills to fight against him. It is your choice to challenge against boss, but i recommend you to get strong enough to challenge against boss since once you loose the stage will be reset. Gold, quest, hero level will be reset if you perform rebirth. The more stages you’ve completed the more rebirth stones you will receive. The higher you are in the rank, the better rewards you will get, and there are also special rewards at the end of each weekly season. Use your prestige points in the merchant to get runes, and heroes fragments.

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    Fantasy Tales mode code
    1. tVzyFG8jpN - rebirth stone
    2. BEQkT5TG2L - package
    3. fkrkt03u6Q - gold
    4. 45m6hXFz80 - diamonds
    5. Oft8ggQXr1 - gems
    6. acVOTj9QdI - gacha
    7. 5LIk2YFPDS - convenience
    8. 5L8i10Vscr - speed up
    9. MX12IWH8nq - level up
    title: hack Fantasy Tales
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