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    Mercenaries will fight bravely on their own. They will find and defeat the enemy with their combat expertise! Characters entry and equipped items will be applied from the next dungeon. Mission - go ahead and open each tab from the menu below. You can easily earn gold if you open the mission tab and perform normal missions. Shamans are a strategic class that can confuse the enemies from the back line. YOu can increase your fame through guild battles. Mages can use various skills with high intellect. You can retaliate when you have been defeated by the invasion.

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    Knightmore Guild cheats android, ios hack codes
    Knightmore Guild hack

    You can enhance items with guild funds to increase the guild master’s combat power! Touch and hold the enhance button to level it up continuously! Touch the mercenary or the guild master to activate the skill. You can challenge raid monsters from stage 301 and above. COllect all mercenaries to complete the album. You need 5 diamonds whenever you conduct skill revision. Guards are a defensive class that block enemy attacks with plenty of health. There is no set effect on greenhorn knight set items. You can acquire fame when you defeat the invasion towards your guild.

    Knightmore Guild cheat

    Knightmore Guild - secret code hack tips

    Knightmore Guild secret

    Tips: set effects increases attack power, spell power, and health. Skills consists of active and passive skills. Boss monsters with red marks use skills. Get some money by completing normal missions! There are common, uncommon, rare, royal, and balrog grades for mercenaries and items. You can change the guild master’s battle position in guild info. Reorganize your skills if you want to change them. Raid monster grades are decided according to the highest dungeon reached.

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    Knightmore Guild mode code
    1. 8m0RG4oFBq - diamonds
    2. jy5MhzyHtD - gem crystal
    3. 0yfantCzF3 - gold coins
    4. VkxyksFrjU - level up
    5. pIXqMtXurd - upgrade
    6. wXIIltT6gb - premium card
    7. G8kuzDbnUM - vip

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