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    . Android game Minions & Mayhem cheat hack code - unlimited spirit, key, treasure chest, soulstone, diamonds, vip gift, summon altar, gold (New York, Unated state).

    An all spectrum tank that stays on the frontline to shield friendlies from damages. he leads everyone forward. Infantry - a basic unit, able to deflect long range attacks with its shield. Night archer - a long range attack unit. Strong against air units, but low in health point. You have too few heroes and soldiers, and cannot form powerful teams. Go to campaigns first to find other partners. Immerse in the story to acquire more new units. Harvest spirit first, then create soldiers with spirit and strike back. Heroes and soldiers can only be deployed left to the lane, which proceeds automatically. Alhoons are units specialized in collecting spirits.

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    Minions & Mayhem cheats android, ios hack codes
    Minions & Mayhem hack

    Heroes are more powerful than soldiers. Destroy the enemy citadel, and the victory is ours. Make sure you deploy alhoons to collcet spirits, gold soul wells are more efficient. Shaman - high explosive energy damage, frontline killers. Able to use lightning to deal magic damage, and able to impose bloodthirsty on friendly units to boost attack. Shaman’s thunder spells can counter enemy’s heavy armored templar. Star up improves the basic attribute development, it is more effective at higher levels. Star rank promotion boosts the stats of the unit. At certain star ranks, new skills are unlocked.

    Minions & Mayhem cheat

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    Minions & Mayhem secret

    Tips: drag anywhere else on the screen to scroll your view. Spirit is required for summoning heroes and soldiers. The richness of ore deposits vary with their nature, rich mine are more productive than common mine. Complete achievements to get generous diamonds. All units are equally strong when fully promoted. Area of effect spells can effectively counter enemy in masses. if you defeat an enemy hero, you can summon him to your team at the altar. You can engage in real time battle with other warriors. There are a great amount of diamonds, full cards, and other great rewards of each season, so participate in real time battle often.

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    Minions & Mayhem mode code
    1. Ln6ngOoKgH - unlimited spirit
    2. bKSa3kXcKc - key
    3. nOeCJCR6Sj - treasure chest
    4. 29qWzpPqbg - soulstone
    5. eDKNuQpj0S - diamonds
    6. VG08qvyUE3 - vip gift
    7. QK61G7NDU5 - summon altar
    8. P6harnIisK - gold

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