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    . Android game Dead Rivals cheat hack code - skill cards, gem pack, treasure chest, building materials, epic weapon, food stamina, enhance (New York, Unated state).

    This is Cheat-on, coming at you live from Shelter, Colorado, where the forecast today is sunny, with a hundred percent chance of Zombies. Seventy percent chance of infected horrors, five percent chance of heat lightning. Sure is great that human society’s dissolved into a bunch of shout-y little factions who’d sooner stab each other to death than deal with their zombie problem, huh? Good times! In related news: for the first time in a long time, we here at the Shelter are recruiting new members. And not because raiders broke through our defenses and kidnapped everyone except me. We’re just really friendly!

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    Dead Rivals cheats android, ios hack codes
    Dead Rivals hack

    Consider a career in farming! Animal husbandry! Or saving me from the horde of zombies i just spotted on the horizon! So, until i run out of food, this is Carla Montez, signing off! Stay safe out there, dummies! Characters: The merc can expertly use all kinds of automatic guns. He can use grenades to cause massive damage and he can also use his agility skills to avoid enemy attacks. The Merc is good at killing enemies from a long distance, he needs to avoid being dragged into a melee battle because it’s not his strong point. The specialist mainly uses close range firearms, such as shotguns and revolvers. SHe can expertly use multiple kinds of potions during battle to inflict massive kinds of damage and effects that can hurt enemies and also cure people. Sometimes the specialist can be miraculous.

    Dead Rivals cheat

    Dead Rivals - secret code hack tips

    Dead Rivals secret

    Character - the Brawler is a pure admire of strength. He likes to use close quarter weapons and his strong body to solve problems. Although he needs to get in close to the enemy to attack, his high level controlling skills and charging power can be enough to make up for this deficiency.
    Tips: use the survival book as a guide for daily in game life. It’ll get you extra rewards, too. Hold the attack icon to attack enemies in front of you. Use the virtual d-pad to move your character. Upgrade your skill cards to make your skills even more awesome. Raiders can use thier still functioning brains for agility and bomb tossing. Harbinger Pharmacologists are so obsessed with the living dead that they’ll turn nearby humans into brainless shufflers. Kill the human enemies around them before they get the chance.

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    Dead Rivals mode code
    1. 1FZkb20iSl - ckill cards
    2. vbliE8EofG - gem pack
    3. LtD9kQ2FVi - treasure chest
    4. bFAPc8TzCE - building materials
    5. ZqiRIgPWKi - epic weapon
    6. yC4bc9O0u3 - food stamina
    7. GQzEPg2oNu - enhance
    8. ET07S6zCEq - cash

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