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    . Android game Terminator 2 Judgment cheat hack code - vip, gold, unlimited stamina energy, hero recruit, points, cash, resource (food, iron, oil) , speed up, diamonds gem crystal (New York, Unated state).

    Skynet troops are attacking the city. Take your troops into battle now. We’ve see off the enemy, but the camp has been destroyed. Join a federation to stand a chance of defeating skynet and liberating the humans. You took part in liberating south ville and got loads of resources and experience. The federation has chose to make this giant city its main base.

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    Terminator 2 Judgment cheats android, ios hack codes
    Terminator 2 Judgment hack

    You can build multiple camps, plan wisely to maximize your strength. You can build a sub camp to help defend the city alongside other players. Food is a key resource for developing your city. Construct a farm to get a steady supply. Plots have resource icons on them. Build the matching building to get increased production. Attack world bosses to get loads of hero experience and rewards drops. Command center speeds up building and level up speed. The higher its level, the better the effect. Warehouse increases maximum resource capacity. When limit is reached resource buildings will stop production.

    Terminator 2 Judgment cheat

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    Terminator 2 Judgment secret

    Tips: federation cities contain lots of other troops and camps that can help you when constructing. Explore and attack skynet bosses to get loads of items and resources. Get rewards when you attack skynet bosses according to your damage caused; plus, get bigger rewards when you kill a boss. Upgrade heroes to strengthen their abilities and improve their skills. Each federation member can build a camp in cities belonging to the federation. Keep building to make your camp more glorious.When a city is lost, camps will temporarily lose their effect - so work with members to protect your cities.

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    Terminator 2 Judgment mode code
    1. GYAj5jTLXf - vip
    2. Fih3fRH62W - gold
    3. 44amvxtX5T - unlimited stamina energy
    4. BWgHYBOun2 - hero recruit
    5. BBJL0TAdIF - points
    6. Gd31lo7RNm - resource (food, iron, oil)
    7. Fa0asFoVsv - speed up
    8. wZhyyhOUYa - diamonds
    9. M4qK4zaJMb - gem crystal

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